50 Days Weight Loss Challenge


Today is Day 1 of my 50 Days to Weight Loss Plan. 

Remember at the beginning of the year when I was so motivated and I went out and purchased a scale? That was to keep track of my weight loss, remember?

So it turned out that I paid $25 for a crappy scale that doesn’t work, and it’s now on sale for $10. I can step on it every two minutes and it will give me a different weight. I put it on the tile floor and it gives me a different weight than it does on the hardwood floor. I GIVE UP. No more scale. I don’t care, I’m not spending $100 on a scale.

But I’m still gaining weight.

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My clothes don’t fit right. Not at all. Everything is shrinking. (I swear, it’s the clothes, not me… ha ha.)

Why A Challenge?

I have a million and one reasons to do this weight loss challenge. My diminishing self-confidence, my expanding waistline, my active children, my health, my clothes not fitting – there are so many. It comes down to health reasons, but there’s also my vanity, my depression, all wrapped up in the same yoga pants I wear on the daily.

I’ve realised that the next 50 days are going to go by whether I work out and eat well, or not. I want to make the next 50 days count.

Why 50 Days?

I think 50 days is a good time period in which to notice a difference in your body. I’ve done 21-day challenges (where I notice almost nothing), I’ve done 30-day challenges (where I feel like I accomplish something little then give up), but 50 days? I’ve never done that before and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

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The Plan

Nutrition-wise, I eat rather healthfully. I’m not lying either – there are tons of vegetables and fruits that I eat, I eat quinoa and steel-cut oats, lean proteins and healthy fats. However I’m not consistent – there are days where I drink four cups of coffee, then eat a large dinner followed with a couple of beers. I’ve created a diet-plan for the first week, and then will tweak it as necessary for the following weeks.

Exercise is where I fail at. I am very sedentary for many days at a time – spending hours in front of the computer, playing on the floor with my son, driving in the car… There doesn’t seem to be any time in my life for walks and jogs and T25 and yoga anymore – because I’m not making it a priority.  Along with my nutritional diet-plan I will be working out 4-7 days per week, I’m nervous about this, because I often fail at working out. The motivation is there, the willingness is there, but my laziness always wins.

In short: eat regular, healthy meals & snacks; no alcohol and limited caffeine, and make exercise a priority in my life. 

My Measurements

Why measurements? Well, if you read the above you will not that my scale is a goddamn liar and is heading towards the trash bin as I write. I will be taking pictures to gauge my progress, taking my measurements, and trying on clothes that currently don’t fit!

If you are curious about  my weight, I am currently somewhere between 200 and 208 lbs and I stand at 5’8″ tall. This is the highest weight I have been in my life, and I’m really unhappy about that.

Upper Arm: 15.5 inches
Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 35.8 inches
Hips: 48 inches
Upper Thigh: 28 inches
Calf: 16 inches

Will You Join Me?

Accomplishing your goals with like-minded individuals is much easier than attempting them on your own! Will you join me? Add the button to your blog and post your goals – whether they be to amp up your workouts, run longer or more often, eat better, or simply to lose that last 10 pounds!


Follow Along!

Anytime I post on twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest about my 50 Days to Weight Loss Challenge, I will use the hashtag #50daysWL! If you’d like to join in or follow along, use the hashtag so I can find your posts too!

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5 thoughts on “50 Days Weight Loss Challenge

  1. Best of luck!!! I had a hard time getting back into my fitness routine after the crazy holiday season of xmas, holidays and end of year drinks which lead to a lovely wait gain-ahhh! I gave myself a monthly challenge of doing something physical everyday and putting coins in a jar for each workout so at the end of the month I could reward myself. So far so good, I think the best thing about ticking something off a list after each workout is it reminds me of the task daily and motivates me and forms a habit. Really whatever works for you is what you should do, you know yourself, your habits and how much time you have. Just remember to do it even if the motivation isn’t there as if we waited for motivation we would never do anything!

  2. I love challenges! I started a personal healthy eating campaign in January and I’m down 30 pounds and feel great. I am a breast cancer survivor. I’d like to get back to my pre – diagnosis weight. I have 40 pounds to go. I’m in!