7 Years of Halloween!

Sometimes I shock myself when I realise that I have a 7 year old, or that she’s turning 8 in a couple of months, or the fact that I’m turning 30 in January… This is Chanel’s EIGHTH Halloween. I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and share the last 7 years of Halloween in our household!


2006 – My little 9-month old was Minnie Mouse – adorable and sweet!

2007In 2007 she was Belle from Beauty & The Beast! I swear I would just go into the Disney Store and pick my favourite outfit every year…


2008 – Ariel from The Little Mermaid! I remember that she wouldn’t wear the crown! She still looked like a beautiful little princess! However…. this would be the last year I would have ANY say in her costumes….

2009We moved to Vancouver in October 2009, but she had this costume planned since the summer time! She was a triceratops, and she named herself Sara! She loved the costume so much that in 2010 she wanted to be the same thing! Everyone loved this costume!

2010And we had also moved to Squamish a couple of days before Halloween in 2010 so I was a bad mom and took no pictures…

2011In 2011 she was Clifford the Big Red Dog! She wanted to be a puppy so badly, it was and still is her favourite animal. She got a lot of compliments on this costume!


2012 welcomed the arrival of Chanel’s little brother Holland, and when she saw that I was picking out a Buzz Lightyear costume for her Holland, she immediately said she’d be Woody – “because they’re best friends”….

In a couple of days I’ll share their costumes from this year! Hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane!

What are you or your kids being for Halloween this ย year?

Do you have any say in their costumes?

Do you make your own costumes or buy them?

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11 thoughts on “7 Years of Halloween!

  1. I LOVE the Disney Store’s costumes! Much better quality! Robbie wore the Woody costume for his 2nd birthday party. He would wear the shirt all day everyday if I would let him. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s either going to be Woody for Halloween (may as well make use of the costume) or Spiderman.

    1. The Disney Store costumes are VERY well made, and are awesome for dress-up play through out the year! I remember when she got the Little Mermaid costume, she SLEPT IN HER LIGHT-UP DRESS SHOES for 3 nights in a row!