90 Days to Health Journey: Day Two

90 Days to Health: Day Two #90DaystoHealth

Today is Day Two to a Healthier Me!

I’m still feeling super motivated and excited about the changing our lifestyles and heading on a healthier path. Which is great but being the eternal realist I know that the feeling will probably dissipate over the next few weeks and I have to be prepared for that!

And I’m still getting the hang of trying to cook vegan, quickly, easily, and without thinking. Today I worked in the Village, out of the house. I started my day off with water and lemon, and then a green smoothie (spinach, goji berries, mango, flax meal, protein powder, almond milk), which held me over for a while. I got a matcha latte (made with soy milk) and a vegan energy ball at a cafe, where I worked for a while.

But then lunch came around and I was stuck. At one cafe there was ONE vegan option that I really didn’t want to eat, so I googled and scoured the internets, and ended up going to Ingrid’s Cafe, which didn’t technically have vegan options, but they had vegetarian options that could go vegan – so I went with a veganized falafel wrap which was delicious!

When I got home, my husband was antsy after working in the home office all day, so he left for a bike ride and I made the kids dinner separate from ours. Instead of making one big dinner and reheating it later for him, I made the kids these veggie burgers from Hilary’s, and they loved them. I sprinkled them with Daiya cheese, put them on toasted buns, and the kids ate them up.

Later on, for my husband and I, I made Hilary’s Mediterranean bites and I put them in a wrap full of yummy veggies and hummus. Yes, I essentially ate the same thing for lunch and for dinner. I didn’t even think about it at the time, lol! I was just excited to be eating something nourishing, delicious, and filling.

The night before I made these Black Bean & Butternut Squash Burritos, which I’ve made before and knew that the whole family loves them. THIS is what I’m getting my mind around – what can I make that won’t take too long, is fairly easy to make without a load of random ingredients, and that the kids will actually eat!

Today my daughter said, “This vegan thing isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”

And I just looked at her, and said, “Nope, it really isn’t!”

For the past few months I’ve been making small changes without really announcing them. For instance, our home only has almond milk (2 kinds – unsweetened for me, vanilla for the kids), no dairy milk for at least four months. I’ve been adding lots of veggies to our meals, eating more organic foods, and even the meat we were eating came from local farms.

The snacks the kids eat at school are almost always vegan or ‘allergen-free’, because my daughter has a peanut allergy, so we get these overpriced ‘healthier’ kids snacks that I don’t feel guilty about feeding to my kids.

I don’t think she’s even realized that I threw the Nutella out with my big purge of everything non-Vegan, and again, that’s something she’s not eating as much of anyway.

Another win today?

I made it over 8,000 steps on my FitBit! I know that’s not huge – trust me, I see that people get these 15,000 steps on a daily (or more!) but it’s great for me, someone who averages at 4,000-5,000. I’m going to keep working on getting my steps up and I’m trying to create a schedule for my workouts!

Well, wish me luck for tomorrow!

90 Days to Health: Day Two #90DaystoHealth



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