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Life can be so funny sometimes. I started off this year wanting to really pull myself together again, live the life I had always imagined. Together my husband and I started to slowly eat better, in March we actually quit alcohol for the month  and were eating healthy foods about 90% of the time (a girl still needs her emergency chocolate!). I was so motivated to get this healthy goal of mine going.

But in April, my motivation started to wane. We started to have more and more “cheat” nights, started ordering pizza again, and by May we were back to our weekend food binges, Tuesday night pizza, wine on a Thursday (because why not?), etc, etc. I realised that the 12 pounds I lost in March had all crept back on.

So today we start again, no more alcohol, no more Nutella or pizza – just really back to basics, back to healthful choices, fruits and veggies and lean proteins.

I know I can do it, I know today that I’m motivated, but what about tomorrow? Will I feel the same way or will I wake up tired and cranky and craving peanut butter/nutella sandwiches?

Along with the healthy eating, this time I’m incorporating some exercise into my life (finally!). Today was Day 1 of the Couch-to-5k program and it was tough. I am so incredibly out of shape, my face was almost purple when I got back home, I looked in the mirror and laughed.


I live in such a beautiful place, full of people who’s lifestyles are full of activity, young and old, those who climb mountains every morning, those who jog in the rain and sprint up hill, who ride their bikes long distance and do cross-fit training at 6 am. The idea that almost everyone around me is so full of life and vigour, so fit at 30, 40, and 50 years old, that should motivate me even more, but I don’t think it does. I’m in awe of these people, of the lady in front of me in Starbucks that was in her forties and wearing tight, short Lulu running shorts and looking hawt.

But the awe isn’t enough.

My major motivation right now is actually embarrassment.

I’m embarrassed that my 13-month old baby boy hasn’t been in a pool since he was 4 months old because I don’t fit in a bathing suit. And that’s the truth.

And try reading these: Top 20 Motivation Hacks from ZenHabits.

What do you do for motivation? How do you keep being motivated?

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3 thoughts on “about motivation

  1. Having a hot tottie for a mother in law who is 55, slim and rocking it helps as motivation that fitness is a lifestyle choice and not just for the hot young things that are genetically blessed. I stay motivated by signing myself up to a fun run/ fitness challenge. The thought of doing it totally unfit motivates me to get up and go for a run. Marking workouts off the calender and giving myself a reward at the end of a month also helps. Good luck!!!

    1. That would definitely make me feel as though I’d have to be up to snuff, so to speak! I’m trying to do challenges as well, so hopefully I keep myself motivated in that way. Thanks!