Beauty Detox

beauty detox

I’ve noticed that I really care about what’s in the food I eat, and I tend to stay away from ingredients that aren’t derived from nature or are full of chemicals I can’t pronounce. I read labels to try to find the most nutritious and healthy foods I can – so why don’t I do the same with beauty products?

I’ve decided to give my beauty kit a massive detox – getting rid of items with toxic and cancer-causing ingredients, and changing them out for products made naturally and cruelty-free, with ingredients derived from nature, when possible. I’ve discovered there are so many options out there – why I haven’t I started using them before?

So far, I’ve traded out my face creams, eye creams, body butter, and deodorant for products that are safe to use. I’m starting to research more about the ingredients on the labels, because I’m just as concerned about what goes on my body, as much as the food I ingest. I’ve found three really good sources for finding non-toxic products, my favourite so far:

I’m definitely on the look out for more suggestions! I’m hoping to discover more and more make-up as well.

Do you use non-toxic beauty products?

What are your favourites?

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