Why You Need to go to a Conference This Year


When you say the word “conference” out loud, it sounds like some boring workplace event – like when Ross had to go to a Palaeontology Conference in the one in Barbados on Friends. (Yes, the tv show. From a million years ago.) But do you want to know a little secret? A conference is just like a party with all of your closest friends that you’ve never even met yet.

Whether you’re a travel blogger, a creative entrepreneur, a creator of handmade goodies, a marketing whiz, or a graphic designer – going to a conference for your niche means hanging out with like-minded people. You meet aspirational folks, your mind sparks at all the ideas flying around, and you feel refreshed, happy, and more focused on your job, on your creativity, and in your life.

I’m super stoked for the upcoming Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in Squamish, BC – located right in my backyard! It’s happening March 28th & 29th, 2015 at Quest University and features amazing speakers like Rebecca Bollwitt from Miss 604, Shawn Johnston from Forge and Smith, and Kemp Edmonds from Hootsuite – just to name a few!

Conferences are also a great time to network and get your name out there. You know what? Scratch out “network” and sub in “make friends”, because that’s what you’ll be doing. You’ll be making connections, you’ll be meeting new clients, you’ll be meeting mentors, you’ll be making lifelong partners and friends. Seriously.

Most importantly, you’ll be learning. It’s so important to NEVER think that you’re on top of your game – you can always, always learn more about your craft. About things associated with your business. Stepping stones to new opportunities. Never stop learning, no matter where you’re at in your career, in your business, and in your creative process.

The CIMC schedule is sessions on branding, marketing, blogging, and B2B info – check out the full schedule here. And check while you’re there, check out the Special Guests…..


I could have entitled this post “The One Where I Brag About Being Invited to a Conference”. I’m just super excited to go and learn more about digital marketing for my blog and business! (Sorry for the brag-ery!)

Looking for more blogging-related conferences? Check out this great directory of 2015 Blog Conferences at The Well!

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31 thoughts on “Why You Need to go to a Conference This Year

  1. Ah! I really want to go to a conference! I need to find one happening in either California or Arizona this year, cause I will already be traveling there. I hope you have a great time!

  2. I have been trying to win a ticket! I really want/need to attend but funds are tight after getting laid off after my maternity leave. Fingers crossed I can swing a ticket. So many great speakers! 😉

  3. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been debating whether or not to register for a conference I’ve been wanting to go to for YEARS – I’ve never gone because it’s in SC (I’m in Alberta!) and travelling that far just for a weekend seems a bit silly. But maybe it’s worth the investment 🙂

    1. I really do think it’s worth the investment IF it’s right for you! Find a conference that SPEAKS to you, you only get what you put in, right?

    1. I’m super lucky that this conference is close by, I often see people’s reviews of conferences in Chicago and New York and Georgia and wish I could be ther too!

  4. Conferances can only benefit you in many ways. And the friends you’ll make & meet will be awesome. Being out there and having your name circulating can’t hurt. 🙂 Good luck at your Conferance.
    Carol L

  5. Conferences are great to go and network and make new friends and have a good time while doing work. I have not gone to one in years though.

  6. Thanks for the directory!! I’d love to go to one because I haven’t been to a course for my job in ages and I love to learn new things!!


  7. Have a lot of fun at your conference, so many people groan about going to conferences and you are super pumped, that’s a good sign!!

  8. Very true – it’s never a bad idea to network or learn! Branching out isn’t always easy for many reasons (time, fear, money etc), but its very helpful to growth!

  9. We can always learn and keep up with what is going on in whatever conference we seek out for ourselves. Making friends and mentors is definitely a huge bonus of conferences. Hope yours is all you hope it to be and much much more.

  10. A conference is one of the few places where you will meet a LOT of people who have similar interests and personalities as you. It’s a great opportunity to make friends.

  11. I’ve been to a few conferences in my life, not blogging ones though. I went to one in Arizona for student nurses while I was in college. It was a blast. We had a ton of fun and learned a few things as well (maybe). Plus, it was amazing to be able to see a part of the country that I had never been to. Arizona is beautiful and so different from Pennsylvania!