Branding Your Business 101


Hey Small Business Owners and Creative Entrepreneurs!

When it comes to branding your business what do you think of?

Do you think of your font choices, colour palettes, and logos? Do you daydream about business cards, websites, and chic packaging for your products? That’s great! But when it comes to truly branding your business, you’re only halfway there…

As a Creative Entrepreneur or a Small Business Owner, whether you provide a virtual product, coaching, physical products online or brick-and-mortar style, branding your business is an important part of your overall business strategy. Your branding should reflect the actual essence of the business. Think of the branding process as a unique opportunity to discover your business’ personality.

Branding your business doesn’t seem like a difficult feat, but there’s a reason why so many businesses and brands get lost in the abundance of competitors. It goes far beyond choosing the right fonts and colours for your logo, website or business cards, it’s the overall experience your brand provides.

So where do you start to brand your business?


  1. Define your business in one sentence and visualize what that business looks like.
    What are your top values or principles? Are you providing virtual or physical products or services? Is there a need for  your business? What sets you apart for other similar businesses?
  2. Who is your ideal client and how can you attract them? 
    Are you business-to-business or serving clients directly? Define their age group, sex, lifestyle, and figure out who is your business created specifically for and think of how to reach them.
  3. How is your business conducted?
    How do you do what you do? Is your work flow considered serious, quick, sharply, relaxed, flexible, cheerful, playfully, intense, approachable? What makes the way you achieve results unique?


By finding the unique qualities in your business, it gets easier to draw on those strengths and market to your core clientele. Your entire company should be considered your branding department, it’s the behind the scenes AND the front of the house that represents your brand. It’s how people view your business from first glance to first purchase to re-purchase.

A good friend of mine recently hired a company to re-brand her business, a process which left her overwhelmed, confused, and exhausted. At the end of the day, all she wanted was to be able to sell her product line online by reaching the right consumers. She currently found success in pop-up shops held throughout various cities, but struggled to make any impact in the online world.

After investing in a branding package with a company she found online, but upon starting the re-branding process with them, she felt their ideas and hers didn’t quite align. She was at a loss and turned to me for some advice, showing me their first and second draft logos and website ideas….

I quickly realised why she was so overwhelmed and confused. She didn’t need to re-brand her company, she needed an online business strategy. She had a logo and colour scheme, what she needed was to tweak her current branding to create a prominent online presence. Managing your brand is an ongoing process, and when your business grows or changes, it may be necessary to tweak or adjust your branding strategy.

A brand is how one customer will describe your business to another. It’s like a personality, and once you identify your company’s unique brand personality, you can use that wisdom in all that you do for your business brand.

Having you branded your business? How did you find the process? What helped? What didn’t?


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