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Our Christmas tree this year has been very much influenced by the nature around us. Looking out the window, we’re surrounding by trees, streams, mountains, and the ocean. Our home is a blank slate, and while I love its’ minimalist feel, I definitely wanted to add a bit of warmth and naturalness to our faux Christmas tree.

Last year’s tree was full of glitz and glam – I added a hint of blue to my usual black and white tree, but the colour scheme didn’t seem to fit the feel I was going for. All the black and blue ornaments are gone this year, and all the silver ribbons have been replaced by twine and burlap! Our silver star has even been replaced by a rustic rattan-wrapped star.




Now, animals, antlers, and stars made of bark adorn the tree. I kept some sparkle by holding onto my glittery silver and mercury glass ornaments, and all of my Starbucks ornaments are still on there! (There’s two in the picture above, can you spot them?) There’s pine cones, stars made out of twigs, and my Eiffel tower and New York skyline!

I love the look and feel of my Christmas tree, now. It feels warm and calm, but with a hint of sparkle which I adore so much! We chose the animals on the tree with great care! There are cute little birdies, an orange fox and an arctic fox (my favourites), a hedgehog, an owl, and a little grey squirrel that reminds us of “our” squirrel who lives in the trees outside our house!




The antlers were a last-minute find, and I was super stoked to find those. And I use a couple of fur rugs from Ikea as the Christmas tree skirt. I found the burlap ribbon at Michael’s, it has gold strands in it to add a hint of glint when the light hits it.

Have you put your Christmas tree up? Do you do a themed-tree or just a big collection of all sorts of memorable ornaments?

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6 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. Beautiful tree, love the colors! I really need to find an Eiffel Tower Ornament. We went to Paris this year for the first time and I wasn’t actively looking for one but know now I may need to take the 3 hour train ride in and find one! 😉