Coffee is Always the Answer (and pizza and beer)

The Biggest Cup of Coffee In the World

So, today was just one of those days where I wish I could have stayed at home, hiding under the covers until the moon came out…

Life has been hectic from all angles (story of my life, right?), I’ve got busy businesses keeping me on my toes, I’ve got new businesses launching that have to be worked on, I’ve got a house that we’re finishing construction on and prepping for sale (possibly…!), and I’ve got two kids who’ve been biking all summer long and one ready for school to start next week (no, she’s not pumped about going back to school – that’s ME pumped about it!).

So today I have to run the shop – I get there about 9 am and we’re done after 7 pm, it’s a long day but it allows me to get multiple things done throughout the day. My husband asked me to pick up some items to complete the glass railings on the house, and although I’m a very helpful and capable person, I’m also a massive complainer. I try to get out of these extra ‘duties’ as much as I can, offering up suggestions on someone else who can pick them up, giving excuses about how busy I am, and then finally realising that I am actually the only option to do this said errand and I pout about it. I can be a big baby sometimes.

I’m driving through traffic on a LONG WEEKEND FRIDAY to get to my destination which is approximately 30-40 minutes of driving time away, and I’m turning into the parking lot when my steering wheel makes a weird noise. Like a pop or tick! or something. And then my whole car went mental – ERROR messages kept coming up! “Error: Transmission” “Error: Air Bag” “Error: Tail Gate” wtf wtf wtf!!!

I turned off the car. I turned it back on. Still errors and scaring the crap out of me.

I pick up the items I was sent for, and call my dealership (which is SO far out of the way). By the way, my dealership is absolutely amazing. I purchased my car from Capilano Volkswagen, and I have an adviser whose name is Justin, and each time I need anything I speak with him – oil change, weird noises, AIR BAGS ABOUT TO BLOW IN MY FACE – I call Justin, the dude from my dealership. He calmed me down and quickly let me know that the air bag won’t blow up in my face (causing innumerable damages to my face and the glasses I was wearing, which would mean lifetime scars no matter how much plastic surgery and botox I would get…!), and that it was actually now turned OFF.

Okay, cool, so if I get in an accident I now have no air bag. I really felt like I was winning at life in that moment.

My adviser sent me to a dealership that was close to me, and luckily they were just as helpful as he was. They scolded me first, though. “You shouldn’t have driven this car. You should’ve had it towed. You could have caused irreparable damage…” Shoulda, coulda, woulda, amiright? Regardless, they took my car away from me and gave me a ‘service vehicle’ to loan for the night.

It all worked out okay, I went back to work to close up, brought home the construction supplies, and went out for pizza and beer and lived to see another day.

But tomorrow, I’m starting out the day with the largest cup of coffee ever had before even attempting to ‘adult’.

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