Deep Breaths and Tight Rope Walking

Coffee Cup & A Book

Right this second, I’m taking a deep breath.

A long, deep breath. Inhale, exhale.

There is so much going on in our lives right now that it’s been nearly impossible to get a blog post out – hence the quiet times here on the blog. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break, isn’t it?

When everything is going full force, to pull back from just one thing is a huge relief. But then I start to miss blogging – the writing, the interacting, the community, the fun of it all!

Sometimes I feel like I’m walking on a tight rope juggling stacks of items – like books and frying pans, paperwork and coffee cups – and there’s only one way to go on this wobbly tight rope, and that’s forward, towards an opening that’s too small for me to go through unless I crouch down and drop some of my shit.

xo. M

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11 thoughts on “Deep Breaths and Tight Rope Walking

  1. Great post. I just got through a month like that. But you are so right. You got to let some of it go.Thanks for your post.
    Carol L

  2. This is so wonderful that you can admit this and we all have to take a step backwards and reflect on what is really important! Deep Breathes!!

  3. I am struggling with a lot at this moment, much of it work related and some of it personal… Thank you for this post, its a lovely reminder to just breathe.