A Wonderful Celebration at Disney on Ice

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It was one fabulous party at Disney On Ice ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ in Vancouver – Mickey, Minnie, and the whole gang partied it up with an all-star Disney line-up! The quality of the ice skating was outstanding, with lots of artistry and acrobatics throughout the performance, and the show really catered to the kids by having the characters interact with them from beginning to end.

My family and I loved watching the show, and both my two-year old and eight-year old found it very entertaining. While my two-year old sat there in awe with his mouth agape, clapping occasionally and pointing out Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, my eight-year old exclaimed in wonder at the incredible set changes, pointing out her favourite characters, and getting really into the storyline. The show starts with a birthday party, but after discovering it wasn’t anyone’s actual birthday, it quickly turned into a very happy ‘un-birthday’ party – complete with an ice-skating version of musical chairs!

Many of Disney’s favourite characters pop up throughout the show: Pinnochio shows up during the birthday party, the scariest Disney villains party it up on Halloween, we see Mulan, Aladdin & Jasmine, Mowgli, the Mad Hatter, Lilo & Stitch, Princess Tiana and all the classic princesses and their princes ice skate to their love songs. There’s even a great rendition of the famous scene from Fantasia with Mickey Mouse, the Sorcerer, and the brooms.



The Halloween celebration brought out my favourite character, Jack Skellington, who throws a big and scary bash. Disney villains like Cruella de Ville, Pirate Hook, Jafar, and the scary witch from Snow White, along with scary zombie-like characters came to the party and danced the night away. This was also my eight-year old daughter’s favourite part! I wish it was a bit scarier, but I think it was scary enough for all the toddlers in the audience.

When Minnie stopped by Japan to celebrate the Cherry Blossom festival, it was a beautiful moment. The ice skating throughout the show is highly skilled, and the choreography is excellent. The figure skaters perform many lifts, spins, and acrobatic tricks on the ice which is sure to awe children and parents alike. The characters in the show take the time to interact with the audience, which is great for little kids hoping to catch sight of their favourite character!

I absolutely loved the light-up fans the ice skaters were holding during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The show never failed to entertain and at every turn there was something exciting to see: the fire show during the Hawaiian luau was really cool, the use of fireworks throughout the show added some magical wonderment, and the falling snow during the grand finale was spectacular.

The show took a really fun turn when celebrating Christmas, with the arrival of the toys from Toy Story! Jessie popped out of a box, followed by Buzz Lightyear, Woody, the Dinosaur, and Ham, the pig. The pig was especially entertaining to watch on the ice, as he was so big and round and looked silly on the ice!


Disney On Ice, “Let’s Celebrate”, was entertaining for the whole family. I would really recommend taking your family to a Disney on Ice spectacular – the shows are really well produced, the ice skating talent is amazing and they perform outstanding stunts right in front of your eyes. The colours, lights, and music create a thrilling experience for kids of any age!

For more information on Disney On Ice, please check out the official website, or visit them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Youtube. The show runs in Vancouver until November 30th, 2014.

Disclosure: I received free tickets to show for reviewing purposes. However I was not financially compensated for this post and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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