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I have a little secret to share with you. OK, TWO little secrets. Are you ready for the great reveal?



I secretly enjoy crafting.

There, I said it. I always say that I’m not crafty – and that’s because I’m not the best crafter or DIYer, and I don’t even attempt 90% of what I pin on Pinterest because I wouldn’t want to end up on a Pinterest Fail website… However, I have a crafting vice, and that’s cross stitching. I love to cross stitch, ever since I was a little girl. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are NOT my forté, although I can do a mean blanket stitch if I have to. I tried to make a quilt a couple of years ago, the outcome was ridiculous, but I had fun trying!

What’s secret number two?

I have two Christmas trees. One on each floor. For someone who claims to be a wannabe minimalist, to have two Christmas trees must sound completely over the top. But I love Christmas. Love with a capital “L”. I have one tree downstairs and one tree upstairs. But I made a deal with myself, that I wouldn’t spend money on my second Christmas tree, and instead would make all the ornaments with the kids. Intrigued? Read on.

For the past couple of weeks, my kids & I have been hard at work making DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments. We decided that the “upstairs tree” would be colourful, fun, and a little childlike. It’s a beautiful faux Spruce from Tree Classics, a tall and narrow tree that is so full of branches you can’t see through it! The colour is incredible, a deep and dark green, and fits perfectly in the corner of our living room.

I’ve been googling and pinning DIY Christmas Ornaments for months – there have been beautiful felt snowmen and reindeer, amazing diys using brass tacks and feathers – but you won’t find those here. With such a colourful theme, we decided to stick to simple shapes to keep a cleaner look.


The best tutorial I found for making Yarn Pom Poms was from Handimania, which shows you how to make big and small pom poms. Here is my version of making large yarn pom poms using empty toilet paper rolls!

  • Wrap yarn around two toilet paper rolls, the more yarn you use, the bigger and fuller the pom pom will be. (Pictures 1 & 2)
  • Using a piece of string or yarn, thread between the toilet paper rolls and tie tightly (but do not knot it yet – Pictures 3 & 4). Gently pull out one toilet paper roll, and then the other (picture 5), then tie string tightly.
  • Put scissors through one side of loop (Picture 6 & 7), and cut ends. Then do the same to the other side.
  • Now the fun and messy part! Shaping the pom pom! Hanging onto the string, work your way around the pom pom with the scissors, cutting off the end bits, forming a ball as you go (Pictures 8 – 11). Keep fluffing and shaking the pom pom until you’re pleased with the result! (Picture 12)


Don’t stress out if you’re pom pom isn’t as full as you like, or isn’t the perfect shape. This is supposed to be fun – perfection isn’t the key here. You can use these pom poms as ornaments, or even as “bows” for presents! Have fun making these! I’ll be sharing more DIY Christmas Ornaments this week, and stay tuned for the big tree reveal!

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22 thoughts on “DIY Pom Pom Ornaments

  1. LOL, i could see these in various colors hanging all around my girls room. I really do like them so it would be great for them to make and hang

  2. I used to put pompoms on everything – I loved it. I like the idea of tree decorations in pompoms – it would be a cool tree either all one colour or different colours.