Do Your Kids Like the Babysitter More than You?

I am currently sitting in a cafe in my little mountain town, ‘supposed to’ be working but after an hour or two of real work I find myself drifting into an almond milk latte haze…. pinterest…. twitter… blogs…. We have hired a sitter to watch the kids a couple of times a week. I think I convinced my husband to hire one so I could have “me time” and get in shape, however “me time” is more like blogging and coffee time.

Today I’m supposed to be working on some graphic design and website work for my husband’s company, which I did, for 2 hours, and now I’m bored. It’s too soon to pack it up and go back home, the babysitter is still there. My kids LOVE the babysitter, and sometimes I wish they didn’t love her so much, you know?

When my baby boy stopped crying as I was leaving, I knew she was good. But listen to this little gem of a story:

Holland refused to eat today. He nursed in the morning and then I gave him breakfast, like every single day as of late, and he would not eat a morsel. He refused his milk. No water! No yogurt! I even tried to bribe him with a chocolate chip muffin – to which he said “no way jose!”, but really he just shook his head no, ran away, and threw himself down on the carpet, peeking at me to see if I had given up.

I just supposed he was working on a poop.

When the sitter arrived I told her about the ‘not eating’ situation, and then started packing up my stuff to leave. Holland RUNS over to me and – NO WAIT – he runs over and whines for the BABYSITTER to pick him UP. He then proceeds to point at all the food I had on the counter for him – all the food I had offered him just ten minutes ago – and he started whining and grabbing at it.

He wanted the babysitter to feed him.

Days like this I just shake my head.

How’s your day going?

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