Focus on the Facts

When I received an invite from Health Canada to learn more about nutrition facts labels on our food and how to read them, I was stoked. As someone who tries to pick nutritious foods for our family, I’m constantly checking the nutrition facts tables on food to see which might be better – but it can get confusing quickly!

Is it better to have a ton of fibre? But this cereal has more sugar…. but this one has more sodium… I just end up feeling frustrated at not knowing¬†how to make the right food choices for our household. The Focus on the Facts campaign is meant to better equip Canadians with the know-how to help make healthy food choices easy!



The kids came to Save-On Foods to investigate the nutritional facts and learn more about how to choose healthier food! Do you know how to read a nutritional facts table? It’s not as complicated as you might think! TV host Kristina Matisic and Health Canada presented us with an easy way to learn how to read a Nutrition Facts table.


  • Look at the Serving Size
    First things first, take a look at the serving size – are the nutritional facts based on the whole package or a 1/2 cup of the item?
  • Glance at the Percent Daily Value
    Use the % Daily Value to see if the serving size has a little or a lot of nutrients.
  • Check the Nutrient %
    According to Focus on the Facts, 5% is on the low end of nutrients in a food, while 15% is high. What you want is 15% on items like fibre or calcium, and 5% on things like saturated fats and sugar.

The best way to find healthy food choices while grocery shopping is to compare the foods that you buy with similar items. We played fun games with the kids at Save-On Foods and Health Canada, by choosing similar items and figuring out which one is more nutritious!


It’s so important to include children in healthy food choices and teaching them how they can make those decisions for themselves! Enter to win a $300 gift card for groceries, and check out resources Health Canada has created for Canadians to help us focus on the facts and choose healthy, nutritious foods for our families!

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