Friday Favorites: Sephora Sale Edition

With the plethora of beauty products out there, it’s easy to get lost in the shiny packaging and anything that’s new! new! new! However, the past few years I feel like I’ve really honed in on what works for my skin and what doesn’t. I’ve also gotten a better handle on what’s worth splurging on and less expensive products that still do the job great. With so many products out there, I wanted to share my favourite beauty items for skin, hair, and makeup during the once-a-year oh-so-amazing Sephora sale!

I’ll also take this opportunity to share the makeup vanity I designed for this condo. As this was the first time I really designed a makeup vanity, I learned a lot and realized little things along the way that I would change next time. As you can see from this post, I am NOT minimal when it comes to beauty products, so finding an appropriate storage solution for all of my products and potions is a must.


My skin has been a bit of an enigma my whole life – sensitive and combination skin that changes with the season, I have to pay special attention to see when products need to be changed over. When I try new products, I ensure that it won’t aggravate my skin and make it more red than usual. In the winter, I use this rich cream by Dr Sturm, although pricey it works SO well and lasts for months, but in the summer I switch over to this cream, as it still moisturizes well but doesn’t create an oily mess on my face. I use different products for daytime and nighttime, and this nighttime cream from Tatcha is amazing, like a serum and cream in one that sinks perfectly into your skin. I am a big fan of Caudalie products, as they are very gentle on my skin and feel so good, especially this serum which I swear makes my skin glow. And a secret beauty product that works so well for my lips is the lip collagen by Algenist – it makes them look younger and fuller (not like a lip enhancing gloss that tingles, more like skincare for your lips). I’ve rounded up the rest of my favourite products below:




I’ve struggled with my hair for many years – I went blonde, then back to brunette, then I got extensions – throw in stress and losing hair from postpartum a million and a half years ago…. it has been a struggle bus to deal with. My hair is on the fine side, but I have a lot of it, and my biggest concern these last couple of years was to ensure my hair is healthy, get it growing, and stop breakage. I’ve been using the Oribe Gold Shampoo and Conditioner for years, and highly recommend it. Recently, I tried the Kerastase Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner and found that it really truly works for me – my hair isn’t breaking off and it has actually grown quite a bit in the past 6 months. This nighttime treatment transforms your hair into healthy and shiny locks, and this Olaplex hair oil gets absorbed right into my hair and never leaves it greasy. This Oribe hair thickening treatment spray actually works – I have so much new growth around my hairline! Definitely a must-have product if you’re dealing with hair loss from postpartum or stress. I’ve also included my favorite dry shampoos below:



I love love love makeup – but I hate spending more than 15 minutes doing makeup each and every day. My everyday routine is pretty basic with a light foundation, concealer, bronzer, eyebrows, and mascara. On special days where I’m going out or have some extra time, I really like to play up my eyes. My favorite look is a smokey eye, but a glam cat-eye is my second fave. I’ve split up the carousels into three: face, eye, and lip, so it’s easier to look through. My current fave foundation is the Armani, as the shade is so perfect for me. Any eyeshadow palette from Tom Ford is an immediate favourite, and I always love a nude lip.





Creating a makeup vanity that’s tucked away in a built-in closet is an amazing idea if you have the space for it. Lighting is a great concern when applying makeup, so the first thing I did was purchase this Riki Loves Riki mirror with 5 light settings to add to my Simple Human mirror, which is great for close-up application. I made sure to have the electrician put a ton of plugs in there, not only for lighting, but also for anything that might need to be plugged in, like a blow dryer or curling iron. I designed the vanity with two shallow drawers to fit eyeshadow and face palettes, without turning into a trash drawer. The only change I would make on the vanity design is to change the depth of the actual vanity desk, it could have been less deep to bring me closer to the mirror when sitting for makeup application. To solve this, I bring the mirror closer to me, but it’s definitely a change I would make in the next one I design. I chose a modern stool that would easily tuck into the closet while being comfortable and matching the aesthetic. This design feature in our home is definitely a game changer for anyone who loves beauty products as much as I do!

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