Girls Love to Downhill Mountain Bike Too!

Kidsworx Bline Race

Our family loves mountain sports. We ski in the winter, but in the summer we are downhill mountain bikers. My daughter is 10 and she’s achieved so much in both sports at such a young age. I’m so proud of her, yet I can’t enjoy it with her because she’s WAY better than I am…!

She started off the summer winning first place in a Whistler Phat Kidz B-Line Race, which boosted her confidence immensely. Since that day, her DFX coaches have been raving about her improvement from June to September! I’m so proud of my little girl (who’s not so little anymore!) because she’s becoming a role model for girls in mountain biking! For whatever reason, downhill mountain biking is still one of those sports that’s focused on the boys, and there are a TON of boys of all ages in this sport. It seems the older the girls get, the less they participate in the sport.

There aren’t many women bikers out there to look up to, and I’m hoping that our daughter is part of the growing generation of girls who are showing the world that downhill mountain biking isn’t just for the boys! We need to encourage our girls to keep pushing towards their goals, and keep them motivated by being involved in the sport with them! Keeping it fun and making great memories along the way!

Kid on Aline Jump Bike Trail

Dad takes Kid on Aline Bike Trail Jumps

That’s her dad following her down the A-Line Trail in Whistler! I love jumping shots where they’re both up in the air, a bunch of feet off the ground!¬†Our four year old is also in DFX biking summer camps and he just looks up to his big sister like crazy! He thinks she’s the coolest and the best – and we all agree! He’s becoming quite the little biker himself, doing wheelies, technical trails, and even going into the Whistler Bike Park at four years old!

We feel that our kids are so lucky to be growing up on the West Coast, with access to amazing outdoor mountain sports like biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and more! The first time I went biking was a few years ago (check out this post here and the pic of my daughter when she was so little!) and I have so much to learn to get to the ability that she’s at already. I hope that she continues downhill mountain biking just to prove to the worlds that girls CAN do it and EXCEL at it!

Hear that Red Bull? Monster? Whistler Blackcomb? Crankworx? Chanel is here and she’s ready to become the next downhill mountain bike champion!!

Samurai Pizza Cat Kid on Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

Kid on Ninja Cougar Bike Trail Whistler

All photos in this post were taken by Coast Mountain Photography

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