Nutritious Choices Made Simple with Guiding Stars at Loblaws City Market & Real Canadian Superstore


With school in full swing and our family routines back on their regular schedules, life is starting to get busy. And when life gets busy, my eating habits tend to teeter between healthy green smoothies and drive-thru chicken wraps. Grocery shopping becomes rushed and I start grabbing ‘convenience’ foods to make lunches and meal planning easier.

There isn’t always time to read the nutritional labels when I’m rushing through the store with both kids in tow – my 8 year old whining about everything she wants in the grocery store, my 2 year old trying to climb out of the shopping cart – I just want to be in and out of the grocery store quick!

How can I do a quick shopping trip and still make nutritional choices for my family? Guiding Stars has answered this need by providing a three-star rating system on food found throughout the store to help you choose the most nutritional option!

I continue to teach my children about healthy eating and what to look for when choosing foods (ie. real food vs processed, whole grains vs white), but sometimes the information parents give goes in one ear and out the other! Thankfully, Guiding Stars was created to help teach our children the importance of healthy eating – like which cereal is most healthiest? It’s easy now by explaining to my kids to look for three stars!


Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores across Canada have teamed up with Guiding Stars to offer their customers an easy-to-understand nutritional shopping experience. Guiding Star has created and patented a three-star nutritional choices system, taking the guesswork out of grocery shopping.

Food items are rated one, two, or three stars, where three stars means it is the best nutritional choice. Ratings on food are found directly on the price tags, and it becomes easy to choose between cereals, juices, canned fruits and vegetables, just by seeing how many stars they have.


Loblaws City Markets & Real Canadian Superstore have created this awesome infographic about the ABC’s of Healthy Eating (PIN THIS!!) to help share the art of eating well with your kids at any age!


We all want to teach our kids about healthy eating, and we all want to make nutritionally-sound choices at the grocery store, but sometimes we’re busy and rushed and don’t have the time. I think it’s great that Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores have teamed up with Guiding Stars to help their shoppers choose healthy meal options easily and quickly throughout their stores.


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176 thoughts on “Nutritious Choices Made Simple with Guiding Stars at Loblaws City Market & Real Canadian Superstore

  1. I really like the idea. I think i would still read the labels on the packaging, but it’ll give me a quick glimpse of what I should consider.

  2. I would use the system. Of course, I would also read the labels and not rely on the stars completely but it would certainly get my attention and have me check out a product.

  3. Honestly I don’t think I would. I rarely buy anything in a package but it would be a great visual tool to help teach my son smart choices and why we aren’t going to buy some things!

  4. I would likely use it to flag potential healthy options I may be overlooking, but I’ll still read labels to decide what I’m going to buy.

  5. It might be a good idea for some but not sure that I would use it all that much because I try to limit the amount of packaged foods we buy.

  6. I didn’t even know about the star system until the store dietician pointed it out to me. I notice it sometimes when I’m trying to decide between things, otherwise I have my go-to items

  7. I am not sure if I would or not, we have many bad allergies with one of our kids -I read labels, every single time I buy a product (even if I have bought it before) so not sure it would work in our family. Not sure there is a way to make my experience faster 😉

  8. the stars would certainly grab your attention and if your in a hurry they would let you pick the best in a hurry. I think this system is fine if you are in a hurry but if I had time I would read the labels

  9. I would glance at the stars when I’m buying a product to see its nutritional value and it may influence my decision to choose another product.

  10. looks like a great system, but I’m not sure I would use it. I like to just follow my list and hurry and get the heck out of the grocery store (i have 5 kids…its hectic lol)

  11. I would use it! I still like to read the nutritional facts but this makes it easier to identify healthier choices in the first place.

  12. I already am cautious when reading labels, but I like the idea of this system. It is one more tool to help ensure healthy eating, so I would definitely try it!

  13. I think it can be useful. I do read into lots of things and check labels etc. I would use it with other methods.

  14. I look at them occasionally, but the stars don’t have much effect on my purchases. I always read labels.

    I’m not sure my idea of what’s healthy and the guiding stars idea of what’s healthy are totally in line with each other.

  15. I’d use it if I wasn’t sure about something, but generally I feel pretty comfortable knowing what’s healthy/unhealthy. But absolutely in circumstances where I was comparing this would be great!

  16. I think it will help you to make a better choice at a quick glance when your in a hurry! Great and easy for kids to recognize so that they can be informed as well!

  17. Having a family health crisis, my husband had a heart attack, food choices are really important. I love Loblaws and always shop at Superstore and would use the star system!

  18. i have yet to see the star system in my community – there are aspects of it which I like – there is the possibility of educating the otherwise uneducated (“I cant eat healthy because it’s too expensive” ) about nutrition – but possibly also English Language Learners (my community has a very diverse population) the visual tips may very well help people who can’t read Eng/Fr to make informed choices. for me personally, I will likely not use the star system . half of my family (of 4) is diabetic, meaning we look for low carb / high protein choices.. always reading labels. 🙂

  19. I’m more likely to consider doing it now that I’ve read you review! It would depend on how much time I had while shopping and if the stars were on products I’m interested in.

  20. This would be a great idea, but seriously who is going to be the bearer of bad news if a company’s products are rated 1 star meaning it’s crappy nutrition.

  21. I will use the Guiding Stars System when shopping, this is going to saving me a lot of time. Knowing what the best choices are without having to look all over & compare!

  22. Yes, I would give it a try. I read labels all the time, but this program might direct me to products I don’t yet look at.

  23. I would definitely use the system. It would be a great help with those food items that I don’t know as much about nutrition-wise.

  24. I read most of the labels of the foods, but for my husband or people who either are not interested in reading labels or don’t understand what the label means I think the star system is a great idea. Like one other commentator suggested I think it is a good system for people who don’t speak English or French. Good review!

  25. I do like the idea of it and would definitely use it while shopping at Superstore. I find the regular food labels a bit confusing sometimes. It’s hard to compare when different brands calculate those charts based on different sized portions.

  26. I usually check the labels but a simple star system would make it easier for sure . I also think that the more companies know that people are watching about wether their products are healthy the more apt they are to want to make them healthier

  27. I think its a really cool idea, however i probably honestly wouldn’t use it. I am quite picky about what i eat, and probably don’t have the same thoughts about what should be eaten and what shouldn’t.

  28. I noticed the stars a while ago – I personally don’t use them, as I have a pretty good idea what’s healthy & not, but I think it’s an excellent idea for many!

  29. I really like the idea of the Guiding Star system. It would really simplify a shopping trip. I would definitely use it.

  30. I would use it = especially trying to teach a little one how to choose good snacks but he can’t read yet. It would be much easier to tell him that the stars will tell him what is good and what isn’t so he needs to pick snacks that have 3 stars on them.

  31. I think it might be a very useful item, if it is accurate. My eyesight is not what it used to be and I can spend hours trying to find the “sweet spot” where I can actually read package labeling.. A system like this could make it much easier.

  32. I love this system. My mother in law does not read english as she never learned so this would help her. She loves to be careful with her diet, it’s good for kids and the elderly! Love it. Anyhting that makes it easier is great.

  33. I think this is great idea, I’m always up for trying new things especially when it comes to feeding my family healthier meals/snacks.

  34. I would use it as a starting point but I always read labels even if I have bought the product before. Two examples of common products that I bought that I didn’t check were salt ,which I found to contain sugar and cinnamon that had soy added to it and did not reveal the proportions of each.. Who can you trust?

  35. YES I will especially now.I have to eat was healthy as possible because I am getting ready for chemo and need to build my system as much as I can.

  36. I think it would attract my attention someone. Not sure if it would influence me either way. I have spent countless hours reading nutritional values and have come up with my go to list of things for the family, but it may cause me to pick up a few newer items and check them out.

  37. it seems like a good idea to help speed up making good nutrition choices. I still think it is important to stay well informed through other means – but this is a good step! 🙂

  38. I would love to win this card!! so that I could help out with my mom at least a bit!! Its not a lot of money, but it still money!!

  39. After narrowing down my selection to a few products I may use the stars system to help me make a final decision. I still think it’s a good idea to always read the label! Thanks for the chance to win!