Halloween 2014



This year’s Halloween was so much fun for our family! Our precious little girl became a scary, creepy zombie, complete with blood and gory skin, and our little man finally decided that he would join in the fun, put on his costume, and became a real life monkey!

It’s tough making a rambunctious and stubborn toddler wear his costume! For last year’s Halloween, he absolutely refused to wear his Elmo suit and simply went as himself, while my daughter became a silly Angry Bird. (PS. 7 Years of Halloween!) The kids got loads of candy, my mom, who’s visiting from Ontario, got to join in the trick or treat fun, and the weather was PERFECT. The rain stopped just before we headed out and it was a nice evening for fireworks and hot chocolates (spiked with Baileys!).

How was your Halloween?

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2 thoughts on “Halloween 2014

    1. Thanks! I really wasn’t fully onboard with the zombie costume at first, but I’m glad we did it because she had a ton of fun!