How I Became Obsessed with My Fitbit

Do you remember when the Fitbit first came out years ago? Women everywhere were getting them for Christmas, for birthdays, or just because it was the coolest, newest thing – and everyone was obsessed with it. I would see people in the grocery store wearing their FitBits, my Facebook feed regularly included a Fitbit meme, and people bragged about their steps on IG.

And me?

I rolled my eyes at all of it.

And then this happened:

A few months ago, my coach suggested I get a Fitbit or something similar to track my steps and be aware of how active I was (or wasn’t). The eye rolling was huge at the time, but a few months later I happily placed a Fitbit Alta on my wrist, in a bright teal blue, and began counting steps. All for the sake of health, I told myself.

And so the obsession began.

The Fitbit Alta has been on my wrist since I got it, except when I had to charge it, which is once every 5 days or so. I got the FitBit Alta because I liked the size and shape of it, compared to the other models, and I didn’t splurge for the heart rate monitor version because I personally don’t feel I need it.

My first impression of my Fitbit Alta was that it was very bright. The teal colour stands out nicely and makes my arms look more tan, so there’s a bonus. I love that it’s also a watch that can tell you the time and date, and that there’s different ways to customize the screen so you can view the stats how you like. To use it, you can either raise your wrist to see the time, or double tap to ‘turn it on’ then tap once to swipe through the stats.

After I wore the Fitbit for a few days, I didn’t even notice it on my wrist because it’s very lightweight. What I did notice is that my steps were very low when I was working from home. My steps averaged between 4,500 – 5,500 for the first few days, and that really opened my eyes quite a bit as to how little activity I was getting on some days. The Fitbit really motivated me to step it up and start adding walks to my day, move my butt around more, and get my steps in.

I also wore the Fitbit at night because I was curious as to how it monitors sleep, and I was surprised that it does a pretty good job. The Fitbit tracks my sleep pattern and shows me (on the iPhone app) how long I was asleep, how many times I was restless, and how long I was awake for during the night.

So yes, it’s easy to say I’ve become obsessed. I get the memes now. I live them. And for good reason – I wasn’t getting enough activity in. When you work at a desk all day, you forget to move with intention. I did. And the Fitbit really opened my eyes to that. I’m more motivated to ‘get my steps in’ and move more often – and if I’m sitting for too long, my Fitbit vibrates to let me know to move it.

A couple of things I discovered with the Fitbit – if you drive a lot, you want to make sure your Fitbit isn’t thinking you’re walking. I had to download a separate app called DriveBit, and log ‘driving time’. Yes, it’s a bit annoying, but I get that the Fitbit might think those small bumps during a drive might be walking. However, I was super stoked to discover the Fitbit easily recognized when I was on a bike or swimming, and logged those exercise times automatically!

I have no doubt that the Fitbit will help me on my #90DaystoHealth Journey – which I’m on Day 3 of! My current steps goal is 8,000 per day, and I love when I hit that goal! The Fitbit has a little vibration party on my wrist! But tell me, I wanna know – do you have a Fitbit? Do you love it?

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