How This Mom Spends Her “Me” Time

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was recently introduced to the novel concept of “me time” by a friend. This differs from “kid-free” time simply because “me time” is not time to do things you’re ‘supposed’ to do, it’s not a time for errands. It’s a time to be selfish – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

When I have “kid-free time” what do I usually do? I’ll vacuum. I’ll do the groceries without listening to incessant whining. I’ll send some emails in silence… but do I ever really do what I want to do – just for my own pleasure?

No. Not I don’t.

mom makes time for herself

When was the last time, as a mother, that you read a book for your own pleasure? A book about parenting doesn’t count! I spend a lot of time “catching up” on things, doing things because they’re overdue, or because I “have” to. Not because I want to. And never for myself.

So I started to do things, purely for my own pleasure. Me time. And guess what? I kinda like it.

I dropped the kids off at school, and since I didn’t have to work for a few hours, I turned my “kid-free” time into ME time. I went to the local cafe, ordered an almond latte and sat down to drink it. WOW. So THIS is what ME time feels like…

See this is what happens when you become a mom: you tend to forget yourself. It might sound odd, but it’s true. You forget to read books for fun. You forget how to go shopping for yourself. Spending time on yourself makes you feel GUILTY, at least for me, that became true.

It’s not a horrible thing to put your children first, it’s an amazing thing to focus on your children and want the best for them! But I realise that as I watch my daughter grow up, she in turn is looking to me for guidance. And she’s not necessarily asking me for advice, but she’s watching me – when I do my makeup, how I react in social situations, how I choose my clothes, what music I listen to…. and how I take care of myself.

Like it or not, I’m a role model for her, and I want to be a positive woman role model. Not someone who puts themselves last, but a woman who takes cares of herself, tending to her own needs, as well as her family’s needs.

Mom makes time for herself

mom makes time for herself

So I started doing things for myself – like enjoying a coffee, watching a tv show of my choosing, taking a looong shower and even shaving my legs! I recently read that a mom that shaves her legs is broadcasting the “let’s get it on” message, but honestly, my husband loves me either way! Who cares, right? Nope, not right.

I forgot how much I love to shave my legs. Seriously, the feeling of sliding underneath clean sheets with freshly shaved legs is heaven! It just feels so nice to take that extra couple of minutes to lather up and shave your legs for a smooth and flawless look – especially with my capris!

Of course, my growing daughter notices the shiny, purple razor in the bathroom – a Gilette Venus Swirl with FLEXIBALL™, a fancy silver ball that allows it to pivot and move four ways, to capture ALL the hairs. She sees this sexy little razor and then ALL the questions start!

Does it hurt to shave? Will I cut myself? Will my hair grow back faster and thicker if I shave? So we had “the talk” – okay, not the sex talk, but the shaving talk. The talk where I look at her and think, you are growing up too fast.

Mom Makes time for herself

Mom makes time for herself

Mom makes time for herself

So we talked, my daughter and I. We talked about using a razor with fresh blades, and keeping them clean, to ensure a flawless shave and minimize cuts. We discussed properly lathering up before shaving to moisture the skin and give a smooth shave. We carefully played with the Venus Swirl razor, noting how the FLEXIBALL™ has a totally unique four-way movement, for an easier shaving experience.

I guess tween girls gossip about this type of stuff, too, and the word is that once you start to shave, your hair will grow back thicker and faster. It was pretty easy to dispel this myth – I told her to take a look at my legs! HA! But seriously, I explained that once you shave, the hair is blunt so it seems thicker, but it’s not. And how quickly hair grows is down to genetics, shaving has no power over that! With so many shaving myths out there, it can be hard to know fact vs fiction. Check out more advice at

It’s funny to me that a pretty, purple Gilette Venus razor brought my daughter and I closer together. When I took the time to take better care of myself, my daughter noticed, and it actually brought us together for a discussion that was about something.

I’ll raise a glass of wine, and a pretty Venus Swirl razor, to that! Maybe at the same time? In the bath?…

As a mom, how do you make time for yourself?
How do you like to spend ME time?

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5 thoughts on “How This Mom Spends Her “Me” Time

  1. I love that you spent so much time talking to your daughter about shaving! My mom didn’t tell me anything, I just had to start stealing random (new) disposable razors I found around the house and I actually used them with regular soap until I finally just started buying my own supplies with my babysitting money. Looking back, I really stressed about it! (So I very much appreciate a good shave now, even if I worry a lot less about shaving my legs now that I’m much older 🙂 )

  2. I think it’s very important to make time for yourself. I have come to find if I am not at my best, I cannot be my best for anyone else!