How to Start a Blog: The Technical Stuff

The Isabelle Theme from BluChic
The Isabelle Theme from BluChic

Do you love to read blogs? Have you thought about starting a blog?  I can show you how to start a blog in three easy steps!

The technical stuff in starting a blog is what scares people away, but it’s so simple and can be done easily in 15-20 minutes.

  1. Choose a domain name and host provider.
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Make it pretty with a theme.

Sounds simple, right? It is!

Follow the directions below and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Domain Names & Hosting

First things first, think of a blog name or url (ps. this is the hardest part!) – make it easy to remember, easy to type, and choose something classic that resonates with  you or your website. Then start shopping around! I’ve included some of the biggest and best web hosting services below. Click on a link, search for your url, then add a hosting package – I always go to more than one source to see where I can save the most money!

  • Dreamhost. I am currently using this for my blog and am so far very happy with it. It has an easy to use interface, support has always been quick and helpful, and I’ve never had any issues with web hosting.
  • Bluehost. Offers great web hosting, lots of unlimited extras, and support when you need it. I started out using Bluehost and recommend it for many of my business clients. It’s super easy to use and their help desk is great!
  • GoDaddy. Many of my business clients love GoDaddy because it’s easy to use, however it’s my least favourite when it comes to support. Their prices can be some of the best online, and their hosting is great!
  • Media Temple. Offers great web hosting service and support, specializing in WordPress blogs and portfolio sites, to small business sites, e-commerce, and more.
  • WP Engine. Offers exclusive WordPress hosting and support, and security for blogs and businesses. Perfect for business owners as you can use their services to manage your sites.

Installing WordPress

Each of the web-hosting services above include a “One-Click WordPress Installation”. It’s super easy and simple to do, and will have your blog up in less time than it takes to eat a sandwich! Check out the video below for play-by-play instructions.

Make it Pretty!

WordPress comes with a handful of pre-installed themes and there are plenty of free themes that can be found online, all of which can be customized with your own colour schemes. However there are thousands of Premium WordPress themes out there, and purchasing a theme provides you with support for customizing your theme. Whichever way you choose, WordPress themes are easy to customize to create a blog or website that’s uniquely yours!

  • Genesis by StudioPress. West Coast Mama runs on the Genesis framework with a Child Theme called ‘Simplicity’. I really like the options that Genesis provides, I find it easy to use. StudioPress offers child themes for the Genesis framework as well, such as the uber-popular Foodie theme for food bloggers.
  • Thesis by DIY Themes. I’ve used Thesis in the past and have also enjoyed it’s interface and easy-to-use features. DIY Themes offers a community of support.
  • Elegant Themes. Here you can pay a one-time fee and receive access to all of their 67+ themes, their most popular being the Divi 2.0 theme – which is absolutely awesome to work with. I use it for my business website, Plank Canvas.
  • The Pixelista. Offers feminine child themes for the Genesis framework, which are beautiful and perfect for different niche bloggers.
  • ThemeForest. Here you can buy and sell WordPress themes, as well as HTML templates and Plugins for your blog. It hosts a large web designer and developer community, and I often find my business clients’ web designs on here.
  • BluChic. I love BluChic themes, which are feminine and chic, and offer plenty of e-commerce and magazine style options. I’ve used their themes in the past and am always seeing what’s new (they also offer free themes!). My favourites are the Marilyn theme for style bloggers, the Jacqueline theme for consultants & entrepreneurs, and the Isabelle theme for its’ beautiful layout.
The Kelly Theme from BluChic

Content is Queen

A blog is nothing without its’ content – bloggers spend many hours perfecting their writing, creating beautiful blog posts, taking pictures, testing recipes, reviewing products, and hitting the ‘publish’ button for everyone to enjoy! Once you’ve learned how to start a blog, you may want to keep it quiet until you create enough content to make it more interesting.

The next post in this series will be less about the technical aspects of how to start a blog, and more about the creativity behind a blog, niche blogging, and originality in blogging.

As always, if you have any questions about the above products and services, feel free to email me.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. I’ve used all of the products listed and recommend them because they are companies that I trust.

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5 thoughts on “How to Start a Blog: The Technical Stuff

  1. This was actually really helpful because I’m currently trying to switch over to WordPress and it’s turning out to be harder than I thought!


  2. Thanks for posting. Question, why do you prefer word press so strongly? I’ve been with blogger since I’ve started but I’m hearing so many people talk about word press and its advantages.

    1. Thanks for for stopping by! I feel that WordPress gives you more control over your blog in terms of design, plugin options, and ad capabilities. I’ve always liked the Dashboard (basically the control panel for your blog), and I’ve never had issues with it!

  3. I read this AFTER I started a blog. I fugured WordPress was defacto these days so I started with them, then took the bait when the sent a marketing email for a cheap .ca domian upgrade but didn’t specificy the currency. Since I got the USD price in CAD after letting them know, I’ve gone with them for hosting etc. Not really planning to blog majorly, so it might just work out…if I can bent the themes to my will.