Impromptu Long Weekends


Tomorrow we’re taking a long weekend. There’s no holiday here, but we’re pulling my daughter out of school and we’re taking a mini-vacation up to Whistler for the weekend. I love these ‘staycations’ – hotel stays that are a 40-minute drive away from home, only for a few days – it means minimal packing and no crazy car drives filled with annoying children…!

Weather in Whistler

Instead there will be hot tubs and pools and no laundry! There will be a beer festival and yummy food and gorgeous summer weather in September! I mean, look at that weather forecast – it’s nicer weather than we’ve had all year long, and I am taking full advantage of it!

I bought a new swimsuit (50% off!) and I’m ready to lay out by the pool all. weekend. long.

In other news, Holland is learning all about how to use his potty – he will sit on it. he will pee in it. he will poop on it. We are all very excited about it – however! He doesn’t speak. He grunts. And screams. And shouts. And says “WAOUW”. So how exactly am I supposed to understand him when he has to use the washroom? How will I decipher the grunt that means “I have to go pee!” apart from the grunt that means “I’m hungry or thirsty and I’m going to squat here on the ground until someone picks me up!” ?

So although I’m super excited that he “gets” the potty, I’m not going full-force potty training until he can either take his own clothes off in time or say the words “potty” or “poo poo” or “pee!” or whatever he wants to call it.

Chanel on the other hand has started the second grade and is having mixed feelings about it. She adores seeing her friends and playing at recess and lunchtime (hello – who doesn’t?), but she hates how “hard” it is. Um. It’s school dude. If it’s not supposed to be a cakewalk the whole time – I know she’ll adjust and she’ll be fine. She’s built of tough stuff! Her teacher is great (thank goodness!) and I’m interested to see how this year goes for her.

Anyway, I’m going to pack for my ‘long weekend’…  and perhaps pour myself a well-deserved glass of white wine!

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6 thoughts on “Impromptu Long Weekends

  1. Ok so just for some giggles google babies no diapers. Its all about watching for when babies need to poop n stuff and not using diapers. EC is not something I am into but its always fun to have a giggle at what some new age ladies are up to. Enjoy the staycation!

    1. I have done that! So funny! I’m not into EC either, and it’s not really “new age”, as hippie as it may seem, my mom (who’s SO not a hippie) used to do it in Europe raising us, apparently it’s more normal in Europe. I think I’m just too lazy!

    1. Whistler was gorgeous ALL WEEKEND LONG until Sunday afternoon, just as we started driving home the heavens opened and poured down HEAVY ass rain.

    1. We often go for day trips to go skiing or biking as well, but I love going up and staying a couple of nights and really enjoying the village 🙂