Irish Coffee Recipe & a Starbucks Giveaway


I have always loved a cup of Irish Coffee after a delicious and indulgent dinner at a nice restaurant. An Irish Coffee is the perfect little pick me up after a big meal, but it’s also sweet and is a dessert unto itself.

With St Patrick’s Day coming up, I wanted to share with you my favourite and authentic Irish Coffee recipe, as I have got from the Irish mom of one of my closest friends!

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Irish Coffee
Recipe type: Drink
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
A delicious and authentic Irish Coffee recipe!
  • 1 cup Heavy Cream
  • 3 tbsps Bailey's Irish Creme
  • ½ cup Irish Whiskey
  • 4 tbsps Brown Sugar
  • 4 cups Strong Hot Coffee
  1. Make the Bailey's whipped cream by adding the heavy cream and Bailey's Irish Cream together. Using an electric mixer, beat until stiff.
  2. In a medium pot on the stove, add the remaining ingredients and heat on medium until warm, but do not boil.
  3. Divide between 4 cups, and top with a layer of Bailey's whipped cream.



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539 thoughts on “Irish Coffee Recipe & a Starbucks Giveaway

  1. Yes, i do celebrat st. Patricks day. We usually go out as it is my birthday and my twin sisters. We are Irish as well so we love it. What i love most about the Irish is the accent. I love listening to a true Irish talk.

  2. Being hlf Irish we’ve always celebrated with delicious foods, desserts and lots of family. Love going to the Parade and coming home to a good meal of corn beed & cabbage is great.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. We do celebrate St Patricks Day. We make a special meal. Watch a movie. Listen to Irish folk songs and music. My favorite thing about it is leprechauns! Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. I am part Irish and will wear a little green to work. It was also my grandfathers and cousins birthday, both having passed so rather bitterswet day

  5. We celebrate St Patty’s Day – we’re not sure we have any Irish in us but it’s probable so we celebrate. I need to find a good soda bread recipe as everyone I try seems to flop miserably, sadly.


  6. We’re not Irish, but we do celebrate St. Patty’s day! We usually go to the Celtic fest and the parade and I make St. Patty theme crafts with the kids.

  7. no, we don’t really celebrate St Patricks Day – other than maybe wearing green – my maiden name is Kelly – so you think that we would! I love how much fun the Irish have for St Patricks Day!

  8. I do for my kids.
    There dad is of Irish heritage.
    We cook a big meal, do some fun crafts and they walk in the local Parade with him.

  9. My favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day is the Food! I will be making a Irish Dinner on Sunday and it will be delicious!

  10. We don’t really do anything to celebrate, but if I’ve got the time/I’m in the mood I’ll make green pancakes. I do try to wear green if we leave the house, though.

  11. we don’t really celebrate but I do like to cook corned beef that day since I can only get it at the store this time of year

  12. we usually wear green, make some themed green and rainbow snacks and dinner. The Irish seem so fun and love the leprauchans!!

  13. My bday is so close that it become a weeklong party…at least before I had children πŸ˜‰ know its mostly coloring shamrock pictures…but I do love my Irish coffee πŸ™‚

  14. We don’t really celebrate but I do have St. Patrick’s Day outdoor decor I always put up. We used to live in Savannah where everyone really gets into it. My favorite thing about the Irish is their accents!

  15. We celebrate by being with family I usually make a roast and mashed potatos. Im Irish and I love everything about being Irish. The food is great

  16. I do not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, even though I do have some Irish blood. I suppose my favorite Irish thing would have to be my Irish grandmother.

  17. Kiss Me I’m Irish, but only a 1/4, so I only celebrate 1/4 of the hoiday by making sure I am wearing some green.

  18. Nope, we don’t do anything to celebrate. I think it’s kind of a silly day… But, I do think the Irish have a beautiful and very interesting culture.

  19. I don’t do anything for the holiday, but I do usually wear something green, and I always like seeing the pictures everyone posts from their crazy St. Patty’s Day parties! πŸ™‚

  20. I don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but I try to wear green on that day. My co-workers pinch people for not wearing green.

  21. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as too many people use it as an excuse to get too messy-drunk, but I will probably make an Irish Stew as that is delicious!

  22. My family does not really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. My husband, however, is Irish and does enjoy Celtic music.

  23. In my younger days, when I could handle hangovers, I used to love to do St. Patrick’s bar crawls. Now I just watch parades on tv and make corned beef.

  24. Sometimes we go to the St Patrick’s Day Parade if the weather is nice. I like the Irish beef stew they serve.

  25. I always make a cabbage dish and the kids will pinch you if your not wearing green. My husband likes the green beer but Im not a fan.

  26. We don’t do too much for St Patrick’s Day. My husband likes green beer, the kids will generally wear green to school if they have school that day. I do like Irish food and Irish music though πŸ™‚

  27. I always make corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. If I’m home, I like to watch the parade in NYC.
    Thank you!

  28. I don’t really celebrate. We’re full Irish and my grandmother always called St. Patrick “that Englishman”. More of an American holiday…

  29. We celebrate St. Patrick’s day by eating corned beef and cabbage. My favorite thing about being Irish is the celtic music

  30. I don’t really celebrate it no. My husband loves to eat corned beef that day though.
    One of my favorite Irish things is their music (and accent).

  31. I don’t really celebrate, but occasionally (depending on whether it’s a weekday or weekend) I’ll go out for a beer or two. I do always make Irish soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day though, because it’s delicious and probably the best thing to ever come out of Ireland. Seriously. I love it.

  32. We Celebrate St Paddys Day by getting hammered & wearing green. Lol, don’t think there’s anything Irish about that though! My hubby & I are both half Irish but it’s our great-great-grandparents.

  33. We don’t celebrate saint patty’s day, Except for the green beer part. My favourite thing about the Irish is my husband.

  34. We don’t celebrate, but I did get my daughter the most adorable shamrock rainbow cloth diaper for it, so I’m most looking forward to that. lol

  35. We used to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by going to an Irish Pub with a quite older Irish friend but she was killed in a car crash a few years ago. Are all Irish characters like her? She was Miss Ireland many, many, many years ago.

  36. I don’t really do much to celebrate st. Patrick’s Day other than wear green. The Irish people do have lovely accents, though!

  37. YUM – that looks delicious. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little bit. We have a little Irish in us. πŸ™‚ Weird to find out that the Corned Beef thing isn’t even from there! πŸ™‚

  38. I don’t celebrate it. I just wear green to show some spirit. I don’t know if that counts as celebrating haha.

  39. I don’t celebrate and feel like many people just talk about luck and get drunk instead of telling kids at school what St. Patrick was really about. I love Irish scenery!

  40. I don’t really celebrate St. Patty’s day. My favorite thing about the Irish is their accent. It is very sexy. haha.

  41. Our family celebrates St . Patrick’s day by wearing green and a big family dinner. Usually a ham, cabbage, potatoes, Irish Soda Bread and some green cupcakes. I am the 3rd generation of my family from Ireland on my Mom’s side of the family.

  42. I’m not Irish – but I do celebrate. My dear, very Irish friend has a big party every year at her house. corned beef and cabbage, yay!

  43. I don’t really celebrate? I want to go to my fave donut shop because they will have special donuts for that day that everyone says are so good. I really like Colcannon and I think that I have some Irish in me. Besides that I really love U2 which was formed the year I was born and they are an Irish band.

  44. I used to look forward to spending the day with my god father,but he has passed.Now I just hoist a shamrock beer in his memory

  45. I celebrate insofar as I eat clover shaped sugar cookies and hang up the kids artwork on the fridge πŸ™‚ What I love about the Irish is the accent & history πŸ™‚

  46. It would be great to win a $40 Starbucks Card.
    In response to your questions of
    Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? What’s your favourite part about the Irish?
    No i don’t celebrate St Patrick’s Day
    and my favourite part about the Irish is their Celtic Music.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  47. I love the stories and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We usually go out to eat and have ones of course

  48. Its also my husbands Birthday that day. I always try and tie in a little green. One year it was green beer. another year I sent green cupcakes into work for him for his workers. Every year is something different but something that also celebrates my husband

  49. Since I married into the Kilpatrick family, we should celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Kilpatrick means servant of Patrick. We really don’t do anything special, though.

  50. Even though we aren’t Irish we still have corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s Day and it gives me an excuse to drive the family crazy by blaring Irish music (something of an addiction I have) πŸ™‚

  51. I wear green on St. Patrick’s Day but that’s about it. I have some Irish heritage but I really don’t know anything about it because it goes generations back.

  52. We don’t go all out or anything…we are part Irish…we like the pinching if you aren’t wearing green tradition =)

  53. Go to the St Paddy’s day parade! My favorite part about the Irish is they contributed to my heritage and my red hair and freckles are thanks to my Irish ancestors!

  54. Yes, I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! My favorite thing about the Irish is their beer lovin’ ways! πŸ™‚

  55. I usually celebrate by going to my city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and going out with friends and family. My favorite thing about the Irish would be their traditional folk music, which is amazing!

  56. Nope! Don’t celebrate it. Don’t really have a fave thing about the Irish, but it may be that Irish Coffee recipe!

  57. I celebrate St Patrick’s Day by wearing green clothing and spending time with friends and family. My favourite part about the Irish is their delicious cuisine.

  58. To a certain extent we do, but st. patricks day is usually during the week and we have school and work, so I dont normally go out nut I make a authentic meal that day!

  59. Well, I an irish. I do eat corned beef and cabbage in March because the corned beef goes on sale. I will wear something green too!

  60. We don’t celebrate more than maybe wearing some green on the day, for kicks & giggles. I had the privilege of visiting Ireland a few years back, and I must say that I fell in love. The Irish are so friendly, and I loved visiting the pubs & listening to the live, hearty music. So much character! We cannot wait to visit again, hopefully this summer.

  61. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s day except for maybe some “green” treats like cupcakes with green icing.

  62. I don’t celebrate it every year, but some years we go to the pub for green beer and yes that would be my favorite part!

  63. I will take any opportunity to have a party and celebrate with good food, good drink, family and friends; so yes, I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I love the vibrancy and friendly nature of the Irish and the fact that they are like me and will take ANY opportunity to celebrate life.

  64. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and I love seeing landscapes of Ireland. It’s a beautiful place.

  65. I don’t celebrate it too much, if I think of it I will wear something green. My favourite part of the Irish is my father is Irish and I love the Irish accent.

  66. Other than wearing something green, I don’t really celebrate the day. My favorite thing about the Irish is the PEOPLE! I visited there about 10 years ago and they were the loveliest, friendliest people! I hope to return one day!

  67. I’m not Irish but celebrate by taking an Irish friend out for lunch.
    Favorite part – green beer!
    thank you

  68. I grew up in a town where St. Patrick’s Day was the biggest holiday of the year-lots of celebrating! Now that I live in Utah-not too much celebrating. I’m always up for a Guinness though!

  69. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but Irish accents are one of my favorites! That and the resiliency and determination found in Irish history.

  70. I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t really know a lot about the Irish to have a favourite thing. There is some Irish in my family line though.

  71. I absolutely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We always make corned beef and a side of cabbage and bacon. Also, we make sure to have a couple Irish drinks (beers or cocktails). I also like listening to Irish music — its really fun.

  72. Yes, I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and what I like about the Irish is the food (corned beef, cabbage and other veggies) and my favorite color is green lol.

  73. My parents’ wedding anniversary is actually on St. Patrick’s Day. So there’s always celebrating.
    Being that I am partially Irish, I would have to say their country itself. The landscapes are stunning and lush.

  74. Sometimes I wear green on St. Patrick’s day… if I remember. πŸ™‚ I do think it’s a fun holiday and I always see tons of great ideas to celebrate but then I get too busy or forget about it when the day actually comes around. This year we’re getting together with another family to do some crafts or activities with the kids so that should be fun. πŸ™‚

  75. We don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day as we are from a different country. But I would love to visit Ireland and know more about the Irish.

  76. unfortunately we don’t but way back my younger days I always wanted to watch movies with easter thing cause I want to try egg hunting and Irish breakfast or feast with my family

  77. i love st pattys day its actually my anniversary so my bf and i usually go to a nice dinner and then we join our friends for drinks afterwards. we are celebrating 8 years !

  78. We don’t really do anything special besides wear green.I used to make corned beef and cabbage but my hubby hates it. Maybe I will just make it for me! πŸ™‚ I love Irish music!

  79. WE cook corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes and they are always so good. My daughter wears a funny shirt with an Irish saying on it in green.

  80. We don’t do anything super special…maybe a craft and some green shamrock pancakes. Favorite Irish things?…..U2 and Kerrygold butter!

  81. I wear green on st. patrick’s day but that is about it, sometimes I will do crafts with the kids. I love about the irish is their accent!

  82. I really like the Irish accent. When my son was little I would make a green meal of salad, green mashed potatoes, pistachio pudding, lime Jello and lime Kool-Aid or 7-Up with green food coloring in it.
    It was a little strange but he got a kick out of it.

  83. I’m half Irish. We do a little something for St. Patrick’s Day. Green foods and shamrock cookies and we also talk about who St Patrick was.

  84. My fav thing is corned beef and cabbage that’s about as Irish as it gets to st. patties at our house. other than that we do not celebrate.

  85. I tend not to do a lot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I do sometimes use it as an excuse to make soda bread. My favourite part about the Irish is the traditional music.

  86. We don’t really celebrate. I try to cook a green meal or make a fun dessert, but thats about it. My DH and I have been wanting to go to Ireland for several years though!

  87. I love celebrating Saint Patrick’s day!
    Wearing green and going to a parade is a nice way to spend the day.

  88. No I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I guess my favorite part about the Irish is wearing green πŸ™‚

  89. I will probably listen to Irish folk music and bake nummy green cupcakes in case the grandkids stop by. Oh, I wear green so I won’t get pinched!

  90. We don’t really celebrate St. Patricks Day. I wear green, that’s about it. I love visiting Ireland! πŸ™‚

  91. Besides dressing my youngest in green so he doesn’t get pinched at school, we don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

  92. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day other than to make green treats of some kind for my grandson to take to daycare. Green is my favorite color!

  93. I don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but I do love to buy a loaf of Irish soda bread- yummy!

  94. Not Irish but celebrate with the typical Irish food and wearing green and for the kids we do green and rainbow themed stuff. πŸ™‚

  95. I celebrate St patricks day sometimes, not every year. My favorite thing about the irish is of course the foodl Thanks for the chance to win.

  96. We don’t really do it, we’re Scottish rather than Irish so we’re more into celebrating Robbie Burns Day. I do appreciate the interesting language the Irish have.

  97. sometimes i celebrate with a shamrock shake from mcdonalds but that’s about it, i love four leaf clovers as well and that makes me feel lucky!

  98. It depends each year if I am off on St.Patrick’s Day. This year I am so I will be going to the parade and then a few bars with friends. I love the traditional music and also the food is so good!

  99. We we celebrate St. Patricks Day!!! I love that St Patrick was not Irish, that he was born in Scotland. I am scottish too.

  100. nope! my family is 0% irish and since i’m not much of a drinker, i’ve never really gotten into that aspect of the holiday either. but i do enjoy irish food and the occasional bowl of lucky charms πŸ˜‰

  101. We celebrate by wearing green, eating irish foods and doing various crafts. For us, St. Patricks Day is kind of the unofficial start of Spring so we really love to usher in springtime on St. Paddy’s Day πŸ™‚

  102. No, we don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. I love Irish folklore.

  103. We do celebrate, I make green food & drinks, wear green, & set out “a pot” of goodies for the kids to find.

  104. We have corned beef and cabbage for dinner. We all wear green. I make some
    St.Patrick’s day cupcakes for work. I also mail my friends St Patrick’s day cards/

  105. WE do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish are so friendly and fun loving people, that is my favorite part about the Irish.

  106. The kids and I make a leprechaun trap and some green snacks. I usually have some yummy Irish Cream and coffee.

  107. I don’t usually celebrate. But once in a while my husband and I will go out for dinner to celebrate it being our first date!

  108. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but I make sure to contact one of my best lifelong friends who is proud to be Irish. πŸ™‚

  109. We don’t do anything for St. Patrick’s Day, I may wear green. My favorite thing about the Irish is definitely the accent and the music.

  110. I wear green on st. patty’s but don’t play into the whole get drunk on green beer and gorge on green pancakes, etc. I definitely love the Irish’s love of farming, if I ever visit Ireland I think I just want to hang out with a sheep farmer!

  111. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Its always on a week night it seems. MY favorite thing about the Irish is definitely potatoes.

  112. I don’t really do anything special to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. But, I did visit Ireland last summer with my daughter, mom, and sister. It was an amazing trip and I fell in love with Ireland. In my dreams, I would move there someday.

  113. I love making green treats (this one would be awesome with some green whipped cream!) and eating together with other traditional foods like corned beef and cabbage.

  114. I don’t personally celebrate ST Pattys day, but I do love how “into it” some of the local businesses get. Lots of creativity comes out with those types of holidays! Fun to see the activities and things folks come up with.

  115. We don’t really celebrate St Patrick’s Day but my grandson was born on that day so we celebrate his birthday

  116. I don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but I would love to visit Ireland one day. It sounds like a really beautiful country.

  117. Thank you for the contest. We wear green on St. Patty’s day, but don’t cook anything special. I really should start this tradition as my great grandmother was full blooded Irish.

  118. My daughter loves St. Patrick’s Day. My favorite part is her creativity in fixing us Irish drinks and a green meal.

  119. We do celebrate St. Patty’s day with corned beef and a visit from the leprechaun πŸ™‚ We love when he “pees” green in the toilet .

  120. I don’t really celebrate St. Patty’s day anymore now that I’m a grandmother. One thing I like about the Irish is their land.

  121. Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? What’s your favourite part about the Irish?

    wearing green is about all i do

  122. we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ….. 1st– it’s my Mother-in-laws birthday…most of the time we make a day of it , dress in green, going downtown for the parade , coming back home for a birthday party

  123. i do in away i do it for my niece and nephew and my favorite thing about the Irish is my husband πŸ™‚

  124. Not really.. I drank out of my green cup all day and we had Shepherds Pie =) And I love all their legends, blessings and tales! =)

  125. my favourite part of the Irish is watching my Irish friends dress up for the occasion. we have one friend that comes decked out as a leprachan

  126. We usually go to the parade and whatever else we decide to do! This coffee recipe would have been nice to have to start off the day though! πŸ˜‰

  127. Usually all I do is wear something green. Next year I’ll probably serve some corned beef and cabbage, too.

  128. Oops, I accidentally posted my last post with my e-mail address in the Name field. Could you please not put it in the comments?

  129. I forgot to answer the second question. My favorite part of the Irish is traditional Irish folk music, especially the compositions of the harpist O’Carolan.

  130. I love St Patty’s Day! :3 Its part of my Heritage! πŸ™‚ My mother and I wear green, have cornbeef for dinner, Shamrock shake from mcdonalds.

    I love the Irish mythology, culture, and the country :3

  131. About all we do is wear green. The best thing about the Irish, as with most immigrant groups, is the ability historically to withstand real prejudice and become part of the mainstream.

  132. I celebrated St. Patrick’s day with my sweet fiance! My favorite part of being irish is unlimited kisses from my honey:)

  133. Is everyone Hispanic on Cinco de Mayo? LOL, but, no I do not celebrate it like the commercialized “holiday” it has become in America. I am a bit o’ Irish, but not so greatly that I feel the need to celebrate it (I’m mostly German & British) . Furthermore, the roots of St. Patrick’s day is a religious one, but American celebrations are far removed.

  134. We went to a parade down the street from us. I love the tradition meal with cabbage and ale plus the luck of a leprachan

  135. I wore green, but did not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. My aunt did have family over for corn been and cabbage, but I was unable to join this year and I am not a fan of cabbage.

  136. My husband is Irish but we usually don’t do anything for St. Patty’s Day, although he’d love it if I made him corned beef and cabbage.

  137. I don’t really celebrate other than wearing green. When I drank, I liked their ales. But, I don’t drink any longer.

  138. I don’t really celebrate any more other than stuff for my kids like decorations and helping them put together outfits for school. I would love to visit their beautiful country that would be what I love the most about the Irish.

  139. My husband’s birthday is on March 17 and his family is Irish so we do celebrate. I love the Irish beauty: the country, the people and the traditions.

  140. Well, other than wearing green, I don’t really celebrate. My neighbor is irish though, so I did go over and share a bit of irish cream coffee with her. πŸ™‚

  141. Nope, we don’t celebrate. But I make sure my kids wear green so they don’t get pinched at school. I have green eyes, but I never could convince people that that counts!

  142. I’m aware of the holiday but don’t really do anything about it. I also don’t have a favorite part really.

  143. Yes, we do celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We dress in green, decorate the house, and eat corned beef and cabbage. My favorite thing about the Irish is their accent.

  144. Thank You for the giveaway…dug out my Aran Island fisherman’s sweater to wear, had a pint or two of Guinness with friends & family to toast our Irish heritage. Ireland, the land of saints & scholars, has a great tradition of literature, poetry, & music !

  145. I did celebrate with corned beef and cabbage and other fun treats with my kids. I love Ireland. It is a beautiful country.