It’s Our Tenure Anniversary!

Yesterday J & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. 10 years since *I* asked him to be my boyfriend, in the middle of the dance floor in a club, to Robbie Rivera’s “Girlfriend”. That night I had my extensions in, and while dancing I ripped out his newly pierced diamond nose ring with my hair. That was the last of his nose ring, but my extensions lived on for some time!

In Punta Cana

Last night we went out for dinner by ourselves – grandpa had the kids! – and we spent the whole time trading pictures of our kids on our phones.

On The Brooklyn Bridge

And every single time we said “ten year” it quickly turned into “tenure“. We had no clue what it meant at the time but it made us giggle.

In Montreal

Over the years we’ve traveled around the world, had two kids, moved ten times in ten years (!), and are still embarking on new adventures all the time.

To our next tenure ten years!

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