lazy sundays

There are some days that I want to do nothing at all. Being a mother & wife, laundry & cooking still take part of this equation (don’t most people still need to do these things?), but it’s after 2 pm and I’m sitting here in my PJs watching Maka Paka dance around on the screen while baby #2 causes destruction in our living/dining/kitchen room. Whoever thought open living spaces were the bomb didn’t have children yet.

I sit and contemplate having some wine. I think, I should put baby down for a nap and then shower and rejoin society dressed in clean, nice smelling clothes. But then I have to wait for my favourite pair of yoga pants to finish drying.

Today is Father’s Day. For breakfast I baked some delicious cinnamon buns, ran out of my espresso and had to settle for strong coffee, gave Jay his cards, then promptly kissed him and sent him on his way to work. On “His” Day he’s working on our house build, deadlines are tight and someone needs to frame the place before another contractor arrives to do more work.

I will discuss the house build more fully on another post, I promise. It’s actually 90% written, but I have to add pictures to it still, and that’s not going to happen today.

No. I will put down baby for a nap, hope baby #1 (our 7 year old) is still playing with the neighbours long enough for me to shower and dress, then wait for Jay to come home so we can go out to a restaurant and continue to celebrate “Father’s Day”.

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