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I tend to live in the moment, however lately I’ve been thinking a lot of the past. I’ve been skimming old blog posts (from my old blog), looking at old pictures, remembering family, friends, and events from a long time ago.

My daughter turned eight a couple of weeks ago. Eight! Let that sink in for a minute. That’s EIGHT years of being a mother. Eight birthday cakes. Eight years of raising a beautiful, smart, crazy, cheeky little girl – who looks SO grown up for being eight.



Ever since we cancelled our cable (and had one less bill to deal with – frugality for the win!) we’ve been hooked on watching tv series box sets. It’s a bit amusing to me that we’re WAAAAY late on the bandwagon on SO many shows (that’s what happens when you have a baby!) but once we get hooked, we can’t stop watching.

It started last summer with Breaking Bad, the show heads into its’ last and final season and we had JUST discovered it, and LOVED it. We watched the whole series twice since then. Last month we discovered Eastbound & Down, which is an absolute GEM of a television show. Crude, hilarious, and downright rude at times – it’s such a ridiculously funny show, but so real at once. But again, we’ve watched all four seasons and then discovered it’s over.

Now? The Walking Dead. I know. How late am I so this party? SO late. I’m not a zombie girl either, I prefer vampires of the True Blood variety, but this show got us hooked. It’s slow, I admit, but as soon as one episode finishes we just have to watch the next one to see what happens. We’re in the middle of Season 3 right now, after Lori had the baby, and holy crap I cried big ugly tears at that episode.



Although being a ‘Work-At-Home Mom’ (or WAHM for short – which then reminds me of WHAM and George Michael which then reminds me of MY mom…) is great, I think I’m starting to get ready for a somewhat ‘real’ job. For those who don’t know me personally or are new to this blog, I have done QUITE a few things in my life.

Hair stylist, cake & cupcake baker, web & graphic designer, real estate sales representative, certified wedding planner, bookkeeper, bartender, flooring specialist, and I’ve also worked at all sorts of retail shops – from bath & beauty stores to upscale designer stores.

I’ve decided to reinstate my real estate license. I first got my license back in 2006 in Ontario, the same year my daughter was born. I enjoyed the work, but I was younger & not as confident to really take the business by force. In 2009, when we moved to BC, I decided to get back into it. However when we moved out of the city, my priorities switched a bit (I got pregnant!) and I put the license on the back burner.

But now I feel like I want to work, I’m excited, there’s a fire under me right now to do something fun and exciting with my life. So the next few months I’ll be studying to challenge the exam and hopefully by the summer I’ll be a full-fledged real estate agent again!

The great thing about working for yourself is that you are in charge of how much or how little you work, and when raising children it feels good to have a bit of flexibility and not a ‘proper’ 9-to-5 job. I enjoy working for myself and can’t wait to start again!

How is life treating you lately?

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10 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Good job on reinstating your real estate license! You’ll probably feel really fulfilled doing work you love.. and your daughter is older now so you will have more time for yourself.

    We recently just hooked up cable in my apartment (I moved in 2 years ago and never had it) but Boyfriend wanted to watch sports. I think it’s the biggest waste of money ever!

    1. Have you checked out other streaming options? – I know Apple TV is the big one but there’s so many now – for the last couple of years I spent hours on the phone trying to work out “deals” with the cable company and try out different promotions, but it’s still SO expensive!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I would love to do my own thing – workwise. That’s awesome that you’re able to do that! Good for you!

    By the way, The Walking Dead is amazing! I love it! I’ve just gotten into the show Grimm. I’m almost done with the first season & it’s pretty dang good, I enjoy it! 🙂

    1. I’ve never LOVED working for anyone else. I hate being told what to do! I’ve never heard of Grimm (we’re so far behind on tv shows!) I’ll be sure to check it out as well!

  3. Ok so Downton Abbey, Parenthood, Revenge, Suits, Mad Men.. Have I forgotten anything? Love watching box sets, hubby and I are stuck on Suits but luckily we are so behind that a few episodes a week is ok!

  4. Well, wait until you have a teenager…my life is becoming more difficult by the day but at least I can steal her clothes…anyway, as for working, I don’t think that I could go back to the corporate world, but it would like temping from time to time. It is all about what works for you, right?