living with less & loving what you have

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My husband and I are currently in the process of building our next home, a modern dwelling built on a mountainside with beautiful ocean views. We currently reside in a rental, and we’re going on our third year here! I cannot wait to break free of these bare off-white walls and truly create a home for our family. As we start to pack away our winter things and place them in storage, I slowly start removing things we don’t need throughout the house. Instead of just packing stuff away to deal with when we arrive in the new house, I am going to take the next few months to really think about the place of each item, both in our house and in our lives.

I am on a constant battle with “stuff”, “junk”, and “clutter”.

There are simple solutions to living with less: find a place for everything, and always put everything in its’ place. If it doesn’t fit, doesn’t belong, doesn’t get used – it most likely doesn’t need to be taking up space in your home. It sounds simple but it’s obviously a much more tedious task to actually go through your drawers, your closets, and your shelves and purge everything.

I sometimes think my husband wants to literally just get rid of EVERYTHING and start fresh and new. But economically this just doesn’t make sense. I do see his point though…

When I’m on my minimalist kicks, I start with one ‘section’ of my home. It can be small, such as the ‘junk’ drawer in the kitchen or the bucket of toys in the bathroom that seems to always hold more duckies than can fit, or it can be  on a larger scale, like the pantry or the hallway closet. Regardless, giving yourself ONE task is a much easier way to delve into de-cluttering than psyching yourself out with a LIST of tasks to get done.

But there’s always a battle that happens, between what we really need, what we really use, and what we’re guilted into keeping because we’ve spent money on it.

There’s no sense in being archaic about it, allow yourself a collection or two that makes you happy and adds beauty to your space.

I adore books, but realise as life goes on that I rarely have time to read them. Over the years I’ve given much of my collection away and downloaded the ebook version of the ones I truly love. Yet there is no way I can rid myself of my cookbook collection, which honestly consists of over 100 books at last count. I can’t bring myself to do it. They are beautiful to look at, they hold memories of the past and ideas of the future – our family loves to eat and I love to cook and create. I will always make space for cookbooks in my life, as they make me happy.

Could I live without them? Sure. But I wouldn’t want to!

When going through your stuff, you start to realise what is important to you and what you could really live without…

Once you acknowledge that, the guilt of how much you spent on something is overshadowed by the prospects of having more empty spaces in your home to fill with love and light.

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4 thoughts on “living with less & loving what you have

  1. I personally love decluttering and the chance at starting fresh and am a firm believer in less is truly more. If you are battling between do we need it vs. we spent money on it…it sounds like some kind of garage sale either real or virtual is in order!

    1. I sell a lot of stuff on Facebook, it’s mainly baby stuff or household items we don’t need anymore… And if I can’t sell it I just donate it, I’m too lazy to try to sell everything – if it has to go, it’ll go, whether I get money for it or not. I agree, I am so much happier with LESS stuff!

  2. I just wish that the decluttering process didn’t make a bigger mess before the space becomes cleaner! I have so many items in “memory” boxes, bins, and shelves. Everything I go through them I am able to purge a little more. I am also much more careful about what I bring into the house to prevent an attachment from taking hold in the first place.

    Best of luck with sorting and designing your new home!