Laughter, Tears & Inspiration at Leading Moms 2014 #LMinspire


I was delighted when asked to be a Blog Ambassador for the third annual Leading Moms conference, but I wasn’t sure what to expect or how powerful an experience it would be. Every speaker was more inspiring than the last, and each of them brought their own important message to the forefront.


There were discussions on balancing our work-kids-mom lives, helping others, raising our children with knowledge, and personal life stories that were sometimes funny, and sometimes heart wrenching.


I was lucky to hear Taryn Brumfitt speaking about body image and the amazing documentary that she’s working on, ‘Embrace’. Check out the trailer for it below – and try not to cry!

Jen-SchaeffersI was giggling along with Jen Schaeffers mom talk – worrying about not being the mom who bring home-baked cupcakes made with beet juice to school! She was so relatable and fun!

Marnie-Goldenberg Have you heard of the Sexplainer? That’s Marnie Goldenberg, who’s mission is to ensure our children are knowledgable about their bodies and sex education. She really brought new insight to a topic I thought I knew more about.


Listening to Michele Kambolis speak about anxiety and worries in our children really hit home for me. With a daughter who is so intelligent and aware, there are times when she can get seriously overwhelmed and anxious, and it’s difficult for me to connect with her. I just picked up her book Generation Stressed, and am excited to try out some of her ‘tools’ to help children relieve their worries and fears.


The Leading Moms keynote speaker, Tamara Taggart, made all of us laugh (She’s funny! Who knew?) and then brought us to tears as she told her story. I wasn’t aware of her health struggles before this conference, but her journey through it all was so touching, so inspiring, and left me in awe of her strength.


She spoke of the importance of being an advocate for ourselves than just for others, putting our families first, saying ‘No’ when possible, and to stop acting like being Busy is where it’s at. Because it’s not. Her message of slowing down and enjoying the everyday moments really touched me. I’m so guilty of hurrying my kids all the time, trying to always be ‘perfect’, and I put myself last and family isn’t always first.

I walked into the Leading Moms conference ready to meet other moms like me, women who want the best for their children, women who want to follow their dreams in career and in life, women who want a happy and balanced life – and I did! And I walked out of there smiling and full of hope, inspiration, and amazement.

Find out more at the Leading Moms website and be sure to Like them on Facebook to keep informed of the conference in 2015!

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One thought on “Laughter, Tears & Inspiration at Leading Moms 2014 #LMinspire

  1. Wasn’t it awesome how they each brought something unique to the stage, yet they connected us all as moms who just want the best for the ones we love? I thought it was a moving and motivating way to spend a Friday morning. Can’t wait till next year!