A Day in the Life of a Tired Mama on a Monday


Oh, Monday.

I’m not always a Monday hating person. However today is just one of those days – those days I read an “inspirational” post about life and it uses an image that says “You Only Live Once!” and I’m like – REALLY? HOW DO YOU KNOW!?

So, it’s a grumpy Monday around here.

I got more sleep than usual last night – I went to bed at 9 pm, was woken up by a sniffly baby boy about every four hours, and slept in until 7:30 am – but I was still exhausted this morning! After a quick shower, feeding the kids, packing a lunch, and leaving the house with wet hair (shock and horror, I’m sure) we still managed to get to school 10 minutes late. My daughter is not winning any attendance awards any time soon.

My to-do list today was about 20 items too long, and only two of them got done. I picked up an awesome Christmas gift – I’ve been shopping Craigslist to find deals! And I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house, watching the kids play and eating a yummy lunch she made. And as much as I knew that I had to get home and plant myself in front of the computer to do some web design for a client, I just couldn’t pull myself away from the sunshine and the cheesy cauliflower deliciousness.

When a mom friend makes you food – you eat it. One less meal you have to make that day! Bonus points if there’s a cheese sauce that’s involved – it almost counts for two meals!

Then pick up my daughter from school, take her to the park, bring her home, make chicken nuggets – the frozen kind, horrible mother that I am today – and then kick myself for not doing any groceries – because I’m out of wine.

How is your Monday?

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