Minimalism & I: We’re on a break.


I never hate minimalism more than when I’m moving.

When face to face with all the stuff you’ve procured over the years – your stuff! – it’s unnerving to think that this ALL belongs to you and you have to find a space for ALL of it.

When moving into a new place and having very little furniture to begin with, the idea of now purchasing shelving and desks and dressers to store all your stuff becomes a priority. I start spending hours and hours on various websites, on pinterest, even craigslist or ebay trying to find just the right items. And then the price tag blows me away and I’m still stuck with boxes of stuff until I can afford to buy things to store all my stuff in.

This is when the idea of just throwing it all away kicks in. Minimalism at its’ finest.

Just throw everything away – donate it, put it to good use, let someone else recycle it for you – but wait, you can’t do that because you will most likely need it in the future.

Going through the boxes of stuff, I’ve discovered enough gift wrap, bows, bags, greeting cards and note cards to fill two large Rubbermaid containers. I have no where to put these treasures of mine right now, so in their respective boxes they will stay. Is it wasteful to keep these items stored away until I need them? No, of course not.

But perhaps my cookbook collection could be thinned out a bit. And the boxes full of baking items and cake decorating tools which I rarely use… I’ve also discovered quite a collection of Christmas lights, still in their packaging, waiting to be used at our new home – 14 boxes of them. Being the savvy shopper that I am, I began purchasing them on clearance sales after the holidays.

Minimalism only works for me when there’s a spot for everything, and everything is in its’ place. It works when you have just enough of everything, and not too much. The excess, the fat, must be trimmed so you’re left with everything you need and nothing more.

(Of course, I don’t apply this methodology to my shoes, because that would be blasphemous.)

Only then is the perfect balance achieved – a clean, minimal look which appeals to me, and useful items that are easily found when needed.

But for now I’m buried beneath boxes upon boxes of stuff. Books, toys, clothes, holiday decorations, linens, kitchen stuff, stationary, magazines, more coffee mugs than I can count, and my iphone, lost somewhere in these treasures.

Wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “Minimalism & I: We’re on a break.

  1. Oh poor love! I loathe moving. Well moving is fine but living in a mass of boxes for weeks drives me insane and my poor husband can’t quiet understand why his normally sane wife has gone and who is the crazy who is complaining about the clutter and crap in the apartment? Liking clean lines, mimalism and nicely decorated places does not bode well for moving.

    Oh and if you happen to want to do some office redecorating/ e-window shopping KikiK is my current kyptonite as I have been docorating my office space with it (no I don’t work there, I wish I did then I wouldn’t have to pay full price!).

    Can’t wait to see how you decorate it all. That is the best stage about moving isn’t it?! Think of the end goal-the lovely home, nicely decorated and happy kids playing in the yard. Till then stay sane my friend!