The Minimalist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning + Download #YesItsPinesol

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

Have you ever had your house up for sale? It’s all about keeping it in pristine condition just in case a showing appears! It can be stressful to keep a house clean all the time, let alone have it smell good, too! With spring finally arriving, it’s time for some spring cleaning – the minimalist way, because I love a nice, clean home, but I’m not about to waste all my time cleaning! Enter the Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning!

Our house has been up for sale for a little while, and if you follow me on Instagram, you might know all the drama that’s been happening lately! We received an offer with a quick closing (woot!), only for it to fall through (sad trumpets!) – c’est la vie!

The biggest stress of having a house for sale is keeping up with the cleaning, and making sure it’s in perfect condition for our real estate agent to show at the drop of a hat! That means not running out the door before taking a quick look around to see if there’s laundry piling up, toys out of place, or a messy bathroom. Or if it smells bad.

Did you know that when you use a decor staging company that the furniture kinda smells bad? Yeah. Like storage and plastic. Let’s just say I had to air out my house for a looong time for it to be tolerable, and even then I was a little unimpressed.

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

I feel like my house has to look pretty much exactly like these pictures, at all times. I know, it’s a lot of pressure. Not only does it have to look this good in real life, but it has to SMELL good and it has to be clean. A dusty house doesn’t show very well, and neither does a home with fingerprints on the wall or garbage smells.

After using the new Pine-Sol in Spring Blossom all over my house (and I actually mean all over), my real estate agent called me up and said “Whatever you used to make your house smell that good, do it every time – everyone loved it!” Pine-Sol is actually a multi-surface cleaner (not just for mopping!), and it cuts through tough stains, grease and grime. It’s a powerful cleaner with a delightful floral scent that I use on everything including kitchen counters, garbage cans, toilets, sinks, tile, walls, wood floors, and even our concrete floors!


To keep your house ‘show-ready’ or just give it a really good spring clean, check out the Free Downloadable Printable below! It goes through the three steps of my cleaning routine!

The Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

  1. Declutter
    Remove the excess. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit, anything that’s broken, unnecessary, unusable, or that you just don’t want in your home anymore. Give yourself a clean slate and remove anything that’s cluttering up your life.
  2. Organize
    Make a place for everything and put everything in its’ place. Now that you’ve removed the clutter, organize what you own and love. Take care of these things, show everyone in the house that this is the place for that. And keep it there. 😉
  3. Clean
    Now it’s time to clean! Everything extra is gone, everything is nicely organized, now it’s time to clean your items, your surfaces, and the windows and floors!


And let me tell you one thing – for FULL DISCLOSURE – my house doesn’t always look as good as in the pictures. I promise you, my desk right now is a disaster and my closet is a mess, but you know what? It all smells like roses so I don’t care.

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

I get so many compliments on how nice my house smells, and so many questions on what I do to make it smell so good – is it perfume? essential oils? fresh flowers? candles?

And I tell them it’s Pine-Sol. The pink bottle.

Say what? Pine-Sol?

YES! It’s Pine-Sol!

The PINK bottle. Spring Blossom Pine-Sol. See:

Minimalists Guide to Spring Cleaning

So now we can be good-house-smelling twinsies. And download the free checklist so you can easily and quickly get your house looking show-ready, dinner party ready, or just have a nice clean home all to yourself!

Disclosure: I received a bottle of Pine-Sol for review, but my opinions are my own, honest and true. 

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2 thoughts on “The Minimalist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning + Download #YesItsPinesol

  1. Love the list, need to do some spring cleaning pronto! I noticed there’s not a spray nozzle on the photo you posted – how do you best get the product out? 🙂

    1. There’s a flip cap with a small spout so it’s easy to pour into a bucket, or use a funnel to pour into a spray bottle, and then mix with some water! Easy peasy!