What I’ve Learnt So Far #Moms30for30 Challenge




When I first started the #moms30for30 challenge, I was super pumped and excited to suddenly be devoting some time to myself and to my own style. My style… what happened to it, I wonder?  I realized that every photo of me at almost every community event consisted of wearing tights and a tunic (easy, simple, chic… right?), but now that the little one is older (and going to daycare!), I need to step up my “me game”.

If you’re just catching up, the Moms 30 for 30 Challenge consists of choosing 30 items in your closet and wearing them all month long, mixing them up with each other and accessories to create new looks and actually wear your wardrobe! I signed up because I wasn’t wearing my wardrobe or giving any real thought to my style – but the first 9 days have already taught me a few things.

I’ve learnt that some of my clothing can be unflattering. The grey t-shirt above I would throw on to do errands or just work at home, it’s loose and comfortable, but seems to hit me in all the wrong places. Something I haven’t noticed in the almost two years that I’ve owned it.

I’ve learnt that iPhone photography done by an 8-year old can be blurry. Very blurry. Even after taking 15+ pictures. I’ve been posting my outfit of the day pictures (#ootd) on instagram and twitter, but missed a few days because of bad pictures! (ps. After my DSLR camera was stolen in June, I’ve been waiting patiently for a new one to simply drop into my lap. I don’t think that’s going to happen.)

I’ve learnt that living in a rainy zone, and being in the fall, most of my outfits will have to be rain boot compatible, and will also be showing off my rain boots. (Perhaps there should be another challenge like this done in May or June?)


I’ve learnt that after a few days I seemed to run out of ideas – how do I mix this with that without looking boring, or like I’ve just worn it? It’s definitely been a wake up call. I know I haven’t always been this way, I know I used to have style (or some definition of it!), but motherhood, work life, building a house, and being constantly tired have made for a boring wardrobe (not to mention being overweight and not wanting to purchase new clothing!).

Keep following along with me as I document the following week with #ootds and #moms30for30 on twitter and instagram!

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learnt So Far #Moms30for30 Challenge

  1. I think that it’s great that you’re doing this challenge…maybe I should sign up for the next one…. Gone are the days of sleep, and wearing high heels and makeup regularly.