Resolutions & New Beginnings


I don’t know how to do January without a deep cleaning, a purging of excess, and the motivation to change. I’ve noticed it’s becoming quite passé to have ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, as if the belief that the chiming of the clock at midnight will give you the resolve to change the entirety of your life is absolutely ridiculous – which it is.

My mother once told me that the way you spend January 1st is predictive of how the new year will become. For example, if you want to lose weight and create an active lifestyle, spend the first day of the year eating salads and jogging and it will put your life on the right path to achieve your goals. I think it’s some sort of Polish proverb.

I don’t think life changes with one night. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a difference in the air around me. There’s something about the new year that feels like a blank slate ready to be filled – I get a new planner each year, with pristine white pages and a beautiful cover, still unscratched and free of dents. That’s only part of the feeling.

I get the sudden urge to deep clean my home – my closet was never so dust bunny-free as it is after January 1st. The kitchen goes through a purge, everything gets a nice, deep-cleaning – I even reorganized my bathroom drawers.

I think the “New Year” is just a nice way to close one chapter and start another. A sense of renewal occurs, one that I don’t plan for, one that I don’t expect, but it’s there all the same.  I have many resolutions for this year, many plans that I hope to occur in succession, and I’m focusing my efforts on them one at a time. First resolution? To quit drinking alcohol.

What’s your new years resolution?

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7 thoughts on “Resolutions & New Beginnings

    1. Me too!! I feel that I give myself a “free pass” during the holidays where I truly don’t care, eat and live without regret, but overdoing it naturally makes me want to bring it back to a feeling of less in the new year 🙂

  1. I totally get the state of mind of wanting to completely reset with a new year! I’ve been doing the same exact thing in terms of cleaning the entire house, purging material things that are just unnecessary and hitting the reset button mentally. Best of luck to you in 2016!

    Chelcey |

  2. I really feel that it’s a clean slate too. I’ve made some goals for myself, attainable ones like read more, Facebook less, etc.

    & if my January 1st is any indication on how my year is gonna go – eek! I sat around watching Making a Murderer while nursing a hangover. Ha!