Not How I Want to Be Remembered

Mother’s Day. Le sigh.

Our family had an incredible weekend. Not only did our little man turn three (3!!!), we also threw the most fun train-themed birthday party a threenager could ever ask for. There was cake, too many presents, and a bouncy castle.

On Mother’s Day, we jumped on a ferry and took a day enjoying Bowen Island. We love that place. It’s quaint and special, with forests full of ferns and deer and a small main area with cute shops and my favourite pizza place in the world, Tuscany’s.

The whole weekend was a success.

My daughter finally pulled out her hand-made Mother’s Day gift, a school project that required the kids to make books about how much they love their mother’s and why. All the wonderful things they do with their moms, and all the adjectives that describe their mommy’s – beautiful, pretty, smart, etc.

I learned a lot about myself from three pieces of glued-together construction paper.

I am loving, caring, dependable and helpful – of course! I’m mysterious(!), cheerful, and ambitious – woot! She apparently LOVES when we bake together (which we never do, btw).

My least favourite words in this book?

Busy. Stress. (<- that was in there twice!) Works. That I’m good at working.

W. T. F.

Is this how I’m going to be remembered?

A busy, double-stressed out mom who works a lot and is good at working?

Not quite what I had in mind…

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4 thoughts on “Not How I Want to Be Remembered

  1. I’ll be remembered as a towering red headed giant twice as tall as my husband with glasses as far as the eyes can see surrounded by gigantic parakeets the size of dogs.
    I don’t have red hair and think it’s adorable and hilarious at the same time.