The Secret to an Organized Fridge #TestDriveMoms

Frigidaire Custom Flex Refrigerator #TestDriveMoms

Frigidaire Custom Flex Refrigerator #TestDriveMoms

Frigidaire Custom Flex Refrigerator #TestDriveMoms

Frigidaire Custom Flex Refrigerator #TestDriveMoms

Our family has been using the Frigidaire Gallery® Custom-Flex™ Top Freezer Refrigerator for over a month now and we’re really loving all the amazing features! The fridge works so well for our family because it can change to suit our needs on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis!

How do I keep my Custom-Flex fridge organized?

  • Don’t overload your fridge! I try to meal plan and do food prep once a week so everything I buy gets eaten by my family that week – less waste and more room!
  • Use glass or see-through plastic containers! Food-prep and meal planning goes to waste if you can’t see what you’ve made, keep everything easy to find and accessible.
  • Separate your groceries when you get home! As soon as I get my groceries in the door, I put them away in their proper places.
  • Keep an eye on produce! I try to move ready to eat produce to the front, on a shelf, or even in the door so I know it will get eaten. Don’t hide your veggies!

The truth is, the Frigidaire Custom-Flex fridge is easy to keep organized because it’s customizable to your needs and the shelves slide and move for easy access.

One of my favourite features on this fridge is the Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel! My fridge always looks great despite two kids and a husband going in and out of it all the time – I couldn’t stand stainless steel finishes before because I had better things to do than polish my appliances 24/7! The Frigidaire Galley Custom-Flex Refrigerator eliminates the constant cleaning of errant fingerprints and keeps your kitchen looking beautiful!

I also love  super bright Superior LED Lighting found in the fridge and top freezer sections of the fridge. I’ve never had a fridge with bright lighting for the freezer, and it’s amazing to be able to see everything clearly!

I’ve already showed you guys the awesomeness that is the Custom-Flex Doorcheck out that post here! The fridge door can be completely customized to your needs and everything your family wants can be easily found and accessible!

Another great feature is the Store-More Shelf and Store-More Drawer! The glass shelf can be folded back to allow for taller items to be easily stored in the fridge without having to put them sideways! While the wide and shallow drawer is perfect for grab-and-go items and easy access to snacks.

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Disclosure: I am part of the Frigidaire® Canada Ambassador program with Influence Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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12 thoughts on “The Secret to an Organized Fridge #TestDriveMoms

  1. This is some fridge. Smudge proof, a dream come true that. 🙂 I especially like the lighting you mentioned. It’s easier to organize when you can see what is in there for sure.
    Carol L

  2. My fridge is crammed, I do a weeks worth of shopping at once and it would never look as neat and organized as this one.

  3. I love stainless steel appliances. I would love my whole kitchen to be stainless steel. And the thought of smudge proof sounds like a dream come true.

  4. What a great fridge, I love the Custom-Flex Door. Everyone needs a fridge like this one. Thank you for sharing this review.