My Favourite Boss Babe Mugs

I love big mugs and I cannot lie…. Yes, I wrote that. You can call me cheesy – but it’s true! My favorite mug is…
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Why I Stopped Wearing Yoga Pants to Work

Working from home definitely has its’ perks – you can make your own schedule, stay focused with less distractions, you can decorate your own office, and your wardrobe can be much more casual (hello yoga pants and messy bun!) – that is, depending on your home life and family’s schedule! Working from home can easily…

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How I Organize My Days: A Peek into My Daily Schedule

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how I fit everything I do into a day… In all seriousness, I’m constantly asked how I get everything done, and the “secret” is that I use a Time Blocking Scheduling Method to schedule my life. When I describe my day, I’m always met…

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When Self-Care Means Taking a Break

You may have noticed that this space has been quiet for a while, and I didn’t do that because I was too busy or off creating content – I gave myself a break from this blog intentionally, to provide myself with the self-care that I was missing in my life. When self-care means taking a…

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How to Create a Healthy Sleep Routine

A healthy and balanced lifestyle doesn’t only comprise of daily workouts and diet plans, but a lot more. And sleep is more important than we think! A healthy sleep routine paves the way for becoming the woman and mother we want to be, each and every single day (and night!). Having a great sleep is…

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Coming Soon: Time-Blocking Workbook

I am so excited to share my Time-Blocking Technique with you!
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The Top 10 Benefits of Being a Minimalist Family

There are so many benefits to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, too many for one blog post. As a minimalist working mom I struggled with helping my wannabe minimalist family understand the concepts, finally learning to lead by example and hope that some of it sunk in. Over time, I’ve seen my children flourish in a…

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How Minimalism Changed My Life (& Can Change Yours, Too!)

At the beginning of every year, we are so full of it, aren’t we? Not only are we going to lose 20 pounds, incorporate a new diet plan (vegan/keto/atkins/whatever), become more calm and centered (meditate!), workout three times a week, be a better wife/girlfriend/mother, get that promotion or launch/expand your business, learn to speak Italian,…

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