My Favourite Reusable Bags

If you do your grocery shopping regularly, you have probably purchased reusable grocery bags – you know the ones: the material ones that are emblazoned with the stores branding, I have green ones and black ones and multi-coloured ones with pictures on them from Walmart. These bags are cheap, usually $1 – $2.50, and make you feel good because you’re not using plastic bags.

But the next time you go grocery shopping you forget them, where are they? In the car? At home? Who cares if you buy a few more – they’re cheap and useful! And the next thing you know is that you’ve hoarded upwards of ten or more of these stupid grocery bags that are never there when you really need them.

What if you actually liked your grocery bag? What if it was chic and cute enough to go from clothing boutiques to the farmer’s market to the convenience store?

Maybe then you’d remember it!

Tote Bags

Now that sounds like something any of us can do. The only way I can remember my tote bags is by using my little system: I have three Flip & Tumble (#5) bags that I love, all in the black/slate combo, and I actually often forget that I have them. They roll up into a little tiny ball and I usually find them at the bottom of my diaper bag. My diaper bag itself often gets used as a tote bag because of its’ size, but I wouldn’t use it for fresh fruits or vegetables, such as at the Farmer’s Market. I go home, put my groceries away, roll up my bags, throw them at my kids and eventually put them bag in my diaper bag.

Eventually I won’t need a diaper’s bag and I’ll be looking for a more sturdier tote bag, and hopefully used the same sort of system. A Farmer’s Market tote needs to be a bit sturdier, to hold everything properly and not squish anything around. In my town the Reisenthel “baskets” (#3) are very popular at the market, but I find them a bit cumbersome, even if they are somewhat chic – with kids I need something I can throw over my shoulder or attach to the stroller, like #2 above or #7 or #10 below.


Going green can be as easy as choosing the right bag that works for you (instead of settling for what’s available at the grocery store), and create a system for yourself that works! I won’t debate why plastic bags are horrible for the environment, or why they should be banned, or how all the plastic in the ocean is creating a world rubbish bin… you can google it, you can read for yourself.

I just believe that we can all do our part, no matter how small or how big, and the more people using reusable grocery bags, the better. Do you have a system in place for remembering your reusable bags? Do you use bags for more than just grocery shopping?

Find the totes:

1 – LL Bean / 2 – Dolce & Gourmando / 3 – Reisenthel / 4 – Baggu / 5 – Flip & Tumble / 6 – Independent Reign / 7 – J. Crew / 8 – West Elm / 9 – Marimekko at FinnStyle / 10 – Manhattan Portage / 11 – Birdkage

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