Time to Say Hello!

Bonjour and welcome to West Coast Mama! For those who are popping over from Jenny Highsmith or for new and regular readers, I thought I’d do a little introduction…


My name is Margarita and I’ve been blogging since 2009. My first blog was Fab Brunette and after four long  years I decided that I was no longer happy there, so after a year or so of soul-searching, I decided to open up a new blog, which is now West Coast Mama. You can read all about that change here!

I have two beautiful kids and a busy husband, and we live in a tiny town smack dab between Vancouver & Whistler – which truly allows us to live the best of both worlds. A gorgeous ski resort and a bustling city life – when we have time to get out to either of them! Go to my about page to learn even more!

On this blog I love to share recipes & my love for nutella, my passion for minimalist living, at Christmas time I host The Great Christmas Tree Link-Up, and when I find the time, I love to travel.


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Now Tell Me About Yourself!

I love learning more about my readers – I read each and every comment I receive and try to respond to all of them. If you’re a regular reader but haven’t commented yet – it’s time to de-lurk! If you’re a new reader, say hello! I think it’s important in the blogging community to connect with others, read more blogs, comment on posts, and say hello to each other whether it be on facebook or twitter, or even real life.


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