In Sickness and In Health at Christmastime


In a flurry of sparkly torn up wrapping paper, indulgent foods that left a bit too much on our waistlines, and, in my case, a snowy white mountain of balled-up tissues, Christmas has come and gone. I spent my holiday attempting to survive. The flu had hit me hard and I spent most of last week medicating myself and sleeping.

There were moments that I felt a bit more energetic, so I would use it to bake cookies, wrap presents, clean up, make dinner – and then collapse on the couch, shivering in a feverish haze, and falling asleep by 8 pm.

But besides my failing health, we had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were spoiled, as usual, with loads of new Lego, teddy bears, and tons of trains to add to their collection. We had a delicious homemade fondue dinner for Christmas Eve, with smoked sausages, pretzel buns, and those tiny pickles my daughter loves, and for Christmas we went out to have a turkey dinner at a restaurant in Whistler.

Now that I’m feeling better, if not 100% healthy then at least 90% better than last week, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. I have some exciting news to share in the next couple of weeks, but for now I’m busying myself with the business of organizing, purging, and getting ready for the New Year. Ta for now!

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