How to Waste Less


I know that being “busy” has suddenly become a dirty word of sorts, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m often busy and always looking for ways to simplify and ease my life. Groceries that are healthy, local, organic, and get delivered right to my door, even when I’m not there? That’s SPUD for you, and I’m a huge fan of their Vancouver-based grocery delivery service already.

For 2016, SPUD is urging people to join the #LetsNotWaste movement and save time, save money, eat better and waste less.

Did you know?

  • You will spend 5 years of your life waiting in line ups…
  • Canadians waste $31,000,000,000 of food each year…
  • One in four food purchases end up in the garbage…
  • Canadians spend upwards of 80 hours per week in traffic…


SPUD (which stands for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery) started the #LetsNotWaste campaign to gain awareness of food waste, encourage people to save money by eating healthy and spending more time on things that matter. The average time to shop at SPUD online is 12 minutes – that’s perfection. Delivery is free (with minimum order amount for your area), and it’s a great way to flex your budget and stick to your weekly meal plans.

New to SPUD? Luckily, SPUD is offering new customers 50% off of their first order! And anyone who shares how they plan to #LetsNotWaste via social media gets a chance to win free groceries for a year! Check out the #LetsNotWaste website for more info!

How do you save time on a weekly basis? Do you use grocery delivery services?

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