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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…

The days and weeks leading up to Christmas are full of anticipation and excitement. Our family watches holiday movies with extra large cups of hot chocolate, we listen to Christmas music and make our own ornaments for the tree! The Christmas shopping is all done and ready to be wrapped up in pretty silver and gold paper, and I finally sat down to write out the Christmas cards today!

I’m really taking the time to slow down, and truly enjoy the Christmas season this year. I feel like I have this year’s Christmas somewhat under control – or rather, I don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of all things merry this year. It hasn’t always been this way though! Perfectionism and anxiety would make me pore over every single detail, and used to paralyze me with a constant feeling of dread – I would overspend, stress myself out, and really take the joy out of the holiday.

What’s changed this year? I’ve done more planning for Christmas, but I’ve also learned to let go when things don’t exactly go my way. That is HARD, especially for me, a Type A, Perfectionist. What else has helped? The 12 Days to a Stress Free Christmas  from Ruth Soukup at Living Well Spending Less.


When you sign up, you’ll receive helpful emails in your inbox, which act as reminders to relax and cherish those around you during the holiday season. The 2014 Holiday Planner is a huge plus – it helps plan out gift giving, your holiday budget, baking and dinner planning, and more!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by Christmas, check out the 12 Days to a Stress-Free Christmas Challenge! You’ll be thankful you did! Looking for helpful hints on a stress-free Christmas right now?

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Write down what you need to get done, in a prioritized list.
  • Tackle your list, a little at a time, even 15 minutes at a time!
  • Realize what doesn’t NEED to be done, or is unnecessary.
  • Don’t be afraid to say NO to extra commitments.
  • Ask for help and delegate jobs when you can.
  • Figure out your stress points and work on that.

Stress points? Yes, basically figure out what makes you stress out or worry. Is it not having the right gift? Is it visits with family, or having people over? Christmas decorating stressing  you out? Figure out what your stress button is. Then plan and prepare, and knock your expectations in HALF.

Christmas isn’t about having the best decorated house on the block, or making the most fashionable h’or dourves and holiday drinks to match. It’s about spending time with those that mean most to you, and enjoying that time together.

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6 thoughts on “Have a Merry, Stress-Free Christmas

  1. This is a great idea. I always get myself so stressed out that I can’t really enjoy it like I should. Thank you for sharing

  2. It’s such a struggle to have a stress free Christmas. I have chronic migraines and it’s so hard to get the decorating and cooking done. My hubby is a huge support but he works very hard and so we just try to do things “just good enough.” lol

  3. (HAVE A MERRY, STRESS-FREE CHRISTMAS) A stress free Christmas would surely be a blessing, I have been on the stressed side some what lately-