How I Made The Switch to Safe Beauty Products with BeautyCounter

How I Made The Switch To Safe Beauty Products A few months ago, I made a call out to the world and asked you guys (and everyone I knew!) about SAFE skincare and makeup products. I wanted to do a beauty detox, and that meant going through my bathroom treasure drawer and ridding it of products that were full of harsh chemicals and making the switch to safe beauty products. Why was I doing this?

This whole year has been very reflective, and I’ve struggled with happiness, depression, anxiety, my fitness and my health. Health has been a big change for me this year. I’ve been ignoring my health for years, and it shows. I was overweight, unhappy, and I needed to make a change.

I have an incredible life coach who has helped me on my journey. Our whole family has become healthier and more active, and I’ve even started eating a plant-based diet! I cared so much about what I was putting into my body and how active I was being with my body, and I started to care more and more about what I was putting on my body.

How I Switched to Safe Beauty Products

I am 32 years old with sensitive skin, my cheeks and nose are usually red, and I have dry areas on my skin, but my skin also has the tendency to get oily, especially with the wrong products. Confused? Yeah, me too.

I have always struggled with finding that perfect product. You know THE one that is going to solve all my skin problems AND make me look younger and make my skin feeling like a baby’s squishy butt. I struggled my whole life, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. In my bathroom stash I had ridiculously overpriced creams from La Mer and drug store brands like Nivea and L’Oreal, and I was still struggling to find the perfect combination of skincare.

Beyond finding products that worked perfectly all the time, I never really took a good look at what was in those products. Have you read the label on a moisturizer or cleanser? Have you researched the ingredients that go into your products? Neither did I.

But I started to do more and more research on the ingredients going into my skincare and beauty products, and I was more than alarmed. There are so many toxic ingredients, so many cancer-causing ingredients, so many ingredients that are banned in Europe but NOT banned in North America. So, why are we using these products? Why aren’t we all making the switch to safe beauty products?

And did you know that many ingredients in beauty and skincare products aren’t even listed on the label? Sometimes when you see “Fragrance” on a beauty product, it means a bunch of toxic ingredients that they don’t want you to know about. The conspiracy theorist in me loved discovering and researching more and more about skincare products and beauty products.

How I Switched to Safe Beauty Products

I discovered skincare and beauty lines that were all natural. I discovered that some of these brands weren’t really all that natural. I discovered some really well known brands that actually were natural (take a look at Safe & Chic and The Detox Market for a large selection), but many of them just weren’t for me. I experimented with so many natural beauty brands to find the right products!

I spent a ton of time and money going through different beauty brands to see what would work. I purchased super expensive natural moisturizers, non-toxic mascaras, and foundations all in the name of green beauty! And for the most part? I was disappointed.

Here I was, making a stand for green beauty and finding safe and non-toxic products for my family, and I was disappointed at the results. Foundation that dried my skin, concealers that didn’t work, mascaras that flaked, eyeshadows that didn’t provide enough colour – I became so frustrated with some products that I actually went back to my favourite toxic products.

I felt super guilty about going back to my favourite mascara and tinted moisturizers, because I was knowingly using products with ingredients that were bad for me, bad for the environment, and just bad all around. But they worked. And so I found myself in a conundrum. I found some safe and non-toxic products that worked great, and many that didn’t. I had spent so much time and money on my green beauty adventure, and in the end I was disappointed with the results.

And then I discovered BeautyCounter.

How I Switched to Safe Beauty Products

I was watching beauty videos on Youtube, and I saw a video for a 5-Minute Face in 6 Easy Steps – and here I am a mother of two, I run multiple businesses, and my life is so hectic, so I’m all for quick and easy makeup. And one night, in a quick impulse purchase before bed, I ordered the customized 5-Minute Face Set. Online shopping is so easy. (Poor credit cards!)

Now, you have to know that I didn’t know really know much about the BeautyCounter brand before I made my purchase, but I was stoked to discover that BeautyCounter is a green beauty brand. BeautyCounter actually bans 1,500 ingredients from their products. The Never List contains 1,500 harmful and questionable ingredients that they never use, here’s a shortened version below:

But the best part of my impulse purchase with BeautyCounter? The products actually worked!

The 5-Minute Face Set includes a foundation, concealer, brow pencil, mascara, blush, and lipgloss. And I loved each and every product that was part of the set! I was amazed at how well these products performed. The foundation is lightweight and hydrating, and the concealer had great coverage but didn’t get crease-ey.

I didn’t have high hopes for the brow pencil or mascara, to be honest, because those are two products that I’m very particular about. I was surprised that I loved the brow pencil and it actually trumped my previous favourite, and the volumizing mascara is AH-MAZING. It thickened my lashes and kept the curl all day long – no flaking or making my sensitive eyes irritated.

When it came to the blush, it stays all day and isn’t streaky or hard to put on – it blends so nicely. It’s become my everyday favourite! But the lipgloss? Hands down my favourite product. It goes on super smooth, it’s moisturizing, and it’s not sticky. And it has a subtle vanilla fragrance that’s actually naturally vanilla.

How I Switched to Safe Beauty Products

So then I dug a little deeper into the BeautyCounter site and started checking out their skincare line. I few days later my order arrived and I started trying out their cleanser, mist, oils, and moisturizers. And BAM, just like that, I fell in love with BeautyCounter.

You see, I’m a true believer in taking care of your skin. While I love makeup, I feel it’s there to accentuate your nature beauty, and if your skin isn’t in great condition and you aren’t taking care of it – well, no makeup will truly help. Unless you wear a mask of makeup. And ain’t nobody got time for that in this house.

It literally felt like this massive A-HA moment. The clouds had parted, the light shone down on me, and the angels sang. Here were products that were SAFE TO USE, with NO toxic chemicals, NO harsh ingredients, AND THEY WORKED. My skin felt incredible – there was no irritation, dryness, or weird reactions on my sensitive skin. And I could feel GOOD about using BeautyCounter.

I love BeautyCounter so much that I decided to join up with them.

How I Switched to Safe Beauty Products

You know that feeling when you LOVE a company so much that you want to help them. You want to join their movement. You believe in it and want to get involved. That’s why I joined BeautyCounter. Because my treasure drawer in the bathroom is full of safe and non-toxic products that WORK. That I can feel good about.

You know when your kids get into your beauty stash? You don’t have to worry about how much lipstick they’ve eaten and how much eyeshadow actually got into their eye – I mean, clean them up and make sure they’re okay! But you don’t have to worry about what cancer-causing ingredients they’ve ingested or applied to themselves.

As a mother, it’s important to me that my daughter is made aware of the dangers of these ‘normal’ products we’ve been using for years. The deodorants that are full of harmful chemicals. The lipsticks that contain gluten. I want her to know that there is a safe alternative to beauty products. And I want to feel that I’m providing my daughter with the right products as she grows up.

If this speaks to you on any level, get involved. Spread the world. It’s important to work together to get safer products into everyone’s hands. Here are three different ways you can join the movement:

  1. SWITCH to SAFE products. Make the changes in your own home, and get rid of products that are full of harmful chemicals and choose ones that are made safe and non-toxic. Safe beauty products are just the beginning!
  2. Shop BeautyCounter and even become a Band of Beauty Member! It costs $29, and you get free shipping on orders over $125, a free gift with purchase, 15% product credit with every order (free money! save the credit cards!), and other exclusive member offers.
  3. Love BeautyCounter’s mission as much as I do? Become a Consultant and create change in the world. Becoming a Consultant can mean growing a full-on business or just a side-hustle, and it’s super rewarding knowing that you’re part of a greater movement.


I would love to know what your experience has been when it comes to using products with safer ingredients! Let me know in the comments below!


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How I Made The Switch To Safe Beauty Products





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