The List of All Good Things that Happened This Year

Are you ready for 2018 to begin?

I am. Definitely.

2017 wasn’t a wash, it wasn’t a failure or a disappointment. But it wasn’t an amazing year either. There was a lot of reflection. A lot of time to think and change, think and change… I think I’m still changing, evolving, and learning more about myself.

I am definitely ready for 2017 to be done with and 2018 to begin!

I don’t typically look back on the year and look back on what I’ve accomplished, but I think it might be necessary to focus on the positive.

So, without further ado, I present to you:

A list of all good things that have happened in 2017.

  • I grew a business, created some great things, helped people succeed, and then sold my client portfolio.
  • I went to Israel on a blogging trip! An amazing experience I look back on fondly and often.
  • I went all in on my husband’s construction business, taking the reigns and helping move it forward. I’ve realized we’re actually a pretty great team when we put our minds to it.
  • I went on a family road trip across BC, travelling to places none of us had been before.
  • Our whole family tried a vegan diet in August, and being meat-free has stuck! We no longer eat meat and stick to mainly plant-based meals, although we do indulge in cheese occasionally.
  • My daughter has become quite the athlete in downhill mountain biking, winning races and truly enjoying the sport. I’ve been quite proud of her.
  • I’ve found some renewed purpose in my life.

So, although I’ve come across quite a few negative aspects this past year, many of which gave my head a shake and confused me and made me think twice about EVERYTHING I was doing and who I am. I’ve come out the other end of it doing alright. Feeling alright.

And looking forward to a new year with GLEE.

Tell me, what are all the good things that happened to you in 2017?

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