Our Wedding Anniversary



If there exists one word to describe our relationship, that would be it.

From the moment I spotted him across the dance floor of a suburban nightclub, I knew he was The One. One month later we were officially in a relationship, seven months later we were living together, and almost eleven years later we’re still in love with each other.


We got married on a Wednesday three years ago.

We went about our wedding a bit different than most, planning it backwards from the honeymoon. First we purchased tickets to a dance event in Amsterdam, then we booked the plane tickets, and only then did we pick our wedding day.

The planning period consisted of about five months of changing our minds. Our goal was to have a wedding with a $5,000 budget. It went from a destination wedding to a mountain wedding, and ended up being a chic party in the city.


I found the dress at the Betsey Johnson store in Portland, my fiance by my side helping me decide. The shoes were my favourite Dior heels, and the birdcage veil was a purchase on etsy. I spent two hours in the salon getting my hair done, only to get back to the hotel room and re-do the do into something that was more me!

Our favourite hotel in Vancouver became our venue – we turned the lounge of the Opus Hotel into our ceremony room, and the restaurant, which at the time was 100 Nights, into our reception. Our menu was chosen completely by us – we thought to ourselves: what would the best meal ever be?


The wedding menu provided a three-course meal chosen by the guest. The appetizer choices were Prosciutto Bruschetta, Italian Onion Soup, or Raw Beef Carpaccio, while the main course was a choice of: Bacon Grilled Cheese, Margarita Pizza, a 7 oz. Tenderloin Filet, or a Kick Ass Burger. Along with a dessert table, guests were provided an additional choice of a Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie or Malted Milk Chocolate Kulfi. Best meal ever: accomplished.


Family flew in from across the country to be with us, to share in our ceremony, to drink champagne with us, to feast and be merry. We wanted everyone to simply enjoy themselves – there were no overly posed photos, there was no photographer! The snapshots of the night taken by my father, my sister, and my friends hold so many memories – there’s perfection found in the imperfection.

May 18th marked three years since our unconventional wedding, which fit perfectly within our unconventional lives. Here’s to many more decades of having fun, being in love and finding simply happiness with each other! xo



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  1. I absolutely loved reading about your wedding. So fun that it was so you–the fact that you had a Betsey Johnson dress makes me so happy. Love it!