What a Mom Really Wants for Christmas!

I am a huge dork about Christmas. You have been warned.

With Christmas less than a month away (SQUEAL!) our tree is already up, my Christmas shopping is already done, and I’m starting to write my Christmas cards…! I’m also thinking of Christmas dinner – I’ve purchased the turkey, am contemplating the sides and the desserts – I’m just so excited about every aspect of it! Home Alone is playing on my tv RIGHT NOW.

Christmas for me is a time for GIVING. It’s about making people smile – giving people the most perfect gift – seeing the sparkle in their eyes – hearing the joy in their voice! But if people insist on giving me presents, well so be it – but what do you get a tired mama of two?

Here is this Mama’s wishlist:

1. 30 Minutes Potty Break – ALONE

Imagine? Thirty minutes all to yourself in the bathroom? Nobody shouting on the other side of the door, or trying to break in, or shoving pieces of paper with ‘love notes’ under the door… Sweet lord. And this bathroom in Brazil would do just fine.

  1. To Spend a Whole Day Choosing a Perfume

    You think I’m kidding? After my signature scent changed on me (Miss Dior Cherie changed into Miss Dior last year and the fragrance was changed as well as the name – I was devastated!) I’ve been lost in the perfume department. Sometimes I’ll walk into the Beauty Bar at Shoppers or quickly peruse the shelves at Sephora, but when you’re trying to keep your 7-year old from walking out of there looking like a hooker, there’s no TIME to smell all the pretty bottles and choose the right one. The luxury of spending an afternoon at the Jo Malone counter or smelling ALL the Bond No. 9 perfumes and buying fragrances and candles to match – that would make my year.

  2. A Spa Weekend

    I’m not a spa girl. I mean, I probably am, I just don’t ever go. If I had time to myself I would go do groceries, or read, or go shoe shopping – the thought of spending 30 minutes or a couple of hours to just lie there and get a massage or a pedicure really doesn’t occur to me. However, I’m up for change. The idea of being pampered for a whole weekend – no kids, no husband, no internet or cell phone – I’m suddenly super excited. And maybe it could be at the Aman Resort in Utah. Because that place is stunning.


  1. Or Maybe a Weekend in Vegas


Confession: I’ve never been to Vegas. Maybe I do want to go out with my husband and party and drink too much and gamble and see Cirque du Soleil and travel in limos and stay in posh suites…. Hmmm… Get my party shoes on and go a little crazy….!


And if all else fails, here’s a cute poem I found online a while ago:

12 Things a Mom Wants for Christmas


One clean house,
Two well-mannered children,
Three home cooked meals,
Four paws wiped before coming inside the house,
Five minutes to myself,
Six cups of coffee,
Seven loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded,
Eight bags of groceries delivered to my door,
Nine dozen Christmas cards addressed, stamped, and mailed for me,
Ten dozen cookies baked for teacher gifts, cookie swaps, and parties,
Eleven presents purchased that the recipients won’t want to return,
And last but certainly not least, twelve hours of sleep!


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