No More Yoga Pants! How Wearing “Real Pants” Made Me More Productive

Working from home definitely has its’ perks – you can make your own schedule, stay focused with less distractions, you can decorate your own office, and your wardrobe can be much more casual (hello yoga pants and messy bun!) – that is, depending on your home life and family’s schedule! Working from home can easily become overwhelming –  with kids coming and going, the distractions of house chores (and cooking…), and no set schedule leaving you hanging in your PJs on the couch, saving hair ideas on pinterest and liking your grandma’s pictures on facebook…

I’ve been on both spectrums of the ‘work at home life’ – from being super organized and efficient in my own work space to the opposite: interrupting work time with laundry and slacking on social media in my PJs (to be fair, much of my work was done on social media, but it’s a slippery slope…!). The realization that I wasn’t being as efficient as I could have been drove me crazy!

I quickly realised that when I “showed up” at work (in my home office!) I did much better, I was more on track and focused, and all-in-all had more professional dealings throughout the day. How did I “show up”? I got dressed. I did my hair and makeup. I ate at proper times because I realised giving myself a proper lunch would mean I’d have a better afternoon, instead of working through lunch and being starving and grumpy by 2 pm.

Now, I don’t mean that I put on a pencil skirt and heels to work from home, or that the false lashes came out – nope, nope, nope. What I mean is that I put the yoga pants away and put on some REAL pants. I put on a bra, brushed my hair – you know, looked presentable enough that if the UPS guy delivered a package I wouldn’t be embarrassed, or, more importantly, if I had an impromptu video call with a client, I wouldn’t be turning off the webcam! – and instead of focusing on how bad I looked on the monitor, I focused on our conversations and got shit done.

Making the simple change from yoga pants to proper pants made me more productive and helped me focus on work, but it also really put me in that ‘work zone’, that mentality that I’m at work and I should behave professionally to get my day organized and complete my tasks. Now, I know we are all different, and we all work differently, so if working in pajama pants or yoga pants works for you, continue to do so – but for me, putting on some proper pants gave me an added boost of confidence while working from home.

My definition of “proper pants” is almost anything that is NOT a yoga pant or a sweat pant, however…. my favourite pants are leggings-ish, jean-ish, and pants-ish – meaning they’re comfortable (stretchy!) and they make me feel good, AND they legit LOOK like pants.

So, full disclosure, I have a mommy tummy. If I focus on it too much (in the mirror or in pictures), I get super emotional and weird about it, and it really brings me down. Jeans aren’t quite my forté right now, and I typically prefer pants with a bit of stretch to them, but if my stomach is too obvious in them, I can’t wear them.

(PSA: I am working on it. I’m working on my self confidence and body image, and I’m also working on my health and fitness. But it can be HARD to look in the mirror or at a photo and subconsciously zoom in on problem areas…)

This is one reason that I wore yoga pants a lot – because of the stretch and comfort factor, and then throw in an oversized top, and voila, you’re dressed AND hiding your whole body!


Everyone’s heard of Spanx, but did you know that Spanx makes clothing as well body shaping garments? And their pants are basically the BEST pants I’ve ever owned. I’ve purchased multiple pairs, always black, and wear them all. the. time!

They’re stretchy and comfortable, almost like you’re wearing leggings, but they have back pockets that I can quickly shove a credit card or phone into. They stay UP because they have this shaping panel that helps keep your tummy in, they’re not too high-waisted OR too low-waisted, and sit perfectly on my body with no muffin top. I can dress them up with a nice blouse and heels, or dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers. (They also come in sizes XS-3X, so they are made for every body!)

Most importantly, it’s a piece of clothing that helps me get shit done by boosting my confidence and making me feel good, and I can still run around with the kids after work and have fun.

I don’t own a ton of clothes – I try to keep my closet minimal with items of clothing that I actually wear, are good quality and aren’t overly expensive… I’m not trendy or really fashionable – but I know what I love, and I absolutely adore these pants. I prefer clothes that I’m comfortable in, and can feel and look great in!

And full disclosure, this post IS NOT sponsored! These are just pants that I really absolutely love and wanted to share with you! Do you have a favourite clothing item that you can’t live without?


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