What’s your intention or word for 2017?


I think I’m failing at this whole “pick a word/phrase/intention” for 2017 thing. I know, it’s four weeks into the year and I still haven’t picked one.

What in the world am I talking about? You KNOW what I’m talking about…. On that magical first day of the year, everyone picks a “word of the year”, an intention, a path that pushes you forward – that motivates you to be the person you want to be – the person you deserve to be….

And they post it on Facebook or Instagram or whatever social media they prefer, and they let EVERYBODY know – this is it. This is MY year. This is the year I will be grateful. Passionate. Loving.

Some people choose words like ‘centred’ or ‘mindful, while others create a phrase ‘be the change’ or ‘thrive creatively’ – and then others go all Danielle LaPorte with five CDFs (core desire feelings) and make those their intention for living.

Me? I can’t figure out that one word that fully embodies the feeling of what I want to be this year.

Bear with me here.

I want to be pulled together. On top of all things. Be prepared and organized. Not have little things slip away. Not forget things because I didn’t write them down. Not be scattered. Not be stretched thin. Organized. Working on one thing to completion. Multitasking in a smart way if necessary. I want to use my time efficiently. I want to work wisely and have time for myself. I want to accomplish my goals without turning into a 24/7 hustler.

I want to wake up early. Break a sweat every day. I want to work hard. Check off all the things on my list. I want to have time to laugh and have fun – guilt-free. I want to know that I’m doing the best that I can.

I just want to get shit done.

So what then?

Is “get shit done” my motto for 2017?



Get Shit Done.

What’s YOUR word for 2017?



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4 thoughts on “What’s your intention or word for 2017?

  1. My word for the year only came to me recently. It’s SIMPLIFY. With all the different side hustles and writing projects I have going on, I’m trying to find ways to cut back and not throw my time after projects that aren’t going to be financially rewarding.