World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom

World's Worst Back to School Mom Ever | bright colourful modern office school supplies Poppin

Today was my daughter’s first day of grade five. The summer just flew by and she’s back at school today! As I dropped her off at the bus stop I realised I was the World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom Ever. I’m dead serious. Let me explain.

Two and a half weeks ago I got the annual email from my daughter’s school which described the First Day of School schedule, how the first week at school will go, and what school supplies our kids need. I have a borderline Type-A personality* so when I saw the beautiful list of school supplies, gym clothes, and the request for a certain French/English dictionary, I got fairly stoked and jumped on Amazon right away to place an order.

Online shopping is my favourite thing ever. It’s so easy! Find stuff online, place an order, and it typically arrives in the next 24-48 hours on my doorstep. I couldn’t ask for an easier task than buying things on a list that we needed! Here we go!

4 packs of pencils. White erasers. A million glue sticks. Facial tissues. One blue marker. One red marker. Two black markers. Yellow highlighters (no pink allowed). Stacks of lined paper.

Somewhere between the lined-paper notebooks and graph-paper notebooks I passed out from exhaustion. Many of the items that were required on the school supply list were out on Amazon. Let me repeat that, items on Amazon were not in stock. Do you understand the travesty of going to the check out and seeing items in your cart that might arrive within 12-21 days? What the hell, Amazon? I thought we were friends. Well, damn.

And that French/English Dictionary required by her French Immersion Grade 5 teacher? NOT IN STOCK ANYWHERE. I’ve checked Chapters/Indigo, Staples, Amazon – and then I didn’t know where to check. Here I thought I was so smart, online shopping…. I closed my browser and put “school supply shopping” on my list of things to do.

At the same time, my daughter was at home looking up backpacks for back to school. She had it down to her Top 3 favourite backpacks (all from Vans), and then chose a favourite. She was texting me screencaps of THE ONE. I was all, “Are you sure? Do you want to think about it? Once I order it, that’s it…” She was sure that THIS was the one backpack that she absolutely needed to go to Grade Five with or she would die.

The exact backpack she chose is unavailable in Canada. And to have it shipped to our mailbox in the states and pick it up seemed a bit intense for a backpack, PLUS the US dollar conversion SEEMED high at the time…. I thought for sure I would head into a few skateboard shops and find either the exact Vans bag or a similar style that she would love just as much. Nope. NOOOOOOPE. Nada. Nothing. ARGH.

So let’s see now, my daughter headed back to school today with NO backpack and NO school supplies. She has a hole in her shoe (which she knew about for weeks but just showed me today) and doesn’t fit into half her pants (growth spurt) and now has nothing to wear.

My husband picked up Starbucks for us this morning, so we shared a coffee and hot chocolate at the bus stop before she decided she had enough of her boring old mom and went off to see her friends. When I got to work I saw my Facebook stream was FULL of the obligatory Back to School Photos that I completely forgot about.

No supplies. No back to school outfit. No new shoes. No backpack. No photo.

I’ve officially become the World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom ever.


*Borderline Type-A Personality: Means I get really ON IT right away with certain things, then hit a bump in the road, and quickly give up. Put it on a “To-Do List” which I will never look at. And file it away some place I will never think about. Until the night before it happens and it’s already too late. Got it?

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One thought on “World’s Worst Back-to-School Mom

  1. I can so relate. The start of the school year can be such a mission and it comes around so fast. I have had so many moments like that. Especially the last minute ‘There’s a hole in my shoe’…Once I even took the kids to school without noticing that one of them wasn’t even wearing shoes. Ops..