You guys! I can’t wait for Wanderlust Whistler – it happens one week from now!! My last experience at Wanderlust was three whole years ago, and I have such fond memories of the amazing people I met (some of whom I’m still friends with now!), the delicious food I ate, the music and the varieties of yoga classes I was exposed to.

In case you have no idea what Wanderlust is, it’s an incredible festival focusing on yoga, music, and wellness that take place all over the world in awe-inspiring locations. Wanderlust Whistler is from August 3rd – 6th, and the schedule is packed full of amazing yoga classes, inspirational talks, outdoor activities, and fun experiences. View Post


Road Trip to Fernie BC

One of the first things on my summer bucket list was to take a road trip – and mission accomplished because the Wyld family took off for 10 days on an awesome cross-province road trip from Whistler to Fernie, BC! We had a great family road trip (it went so much better than I expected!) and I would recommend a trip to Fernie for anyone that

Fernie is a small mountain town located in the south-east corner of British Columbia. It’s famous for the snow that falls in the winter, but the summer is a beautiful time to go and really appreciate Fernie! Fernie has a beautiful historic downtown, surrounded by sweeping mountain vistas that are absolutely stunning. It’s the perfect place to for a family vacation in the summer or winter – because there’s an abundance of fun activities to do for all ages! View Post


My Summer Bucket List

Summer is now in full swing! The bright sunny days and warmer weather are getting me super excited for some of the things I’m planning this summer! I’m super stoked to share with you my summer bucket list and the fun things we’re planning in the next couple of months!


Go on a road trip!

This weekend we’re taking off on a road trip to beautiful Fernie, BC. That’s a 11-hour trip one way – but of course, we’re going the loong way through Revelstoke, and spending a night there, too! I’m so stoked for mountain biking, hiking, the aerial park, and checking out the gorgeous town of Fernie, too!

I’m really looking forward to snapping some amazing photos with my camera (gotta dust that baby off and charge up the battery!), because the scenery is going to be amazing! View Post


30-Day Yoga & Smoothie Challenge

Summer is finally here – the skies are blue, the sun is shining, and it is hot out there. I am loving it! I love having our patio doors wide open, the kids are able to play outside all day long, and we can enjoy a meal and a drink outside on the deck. It’s heaven. I should be living in Hawaii or Malibu.

With the lovely weather I’ve been inspired to move more – yes, I get super sweaty and gross. The definition of a hot mess. Who cares? I wish I was inspired to work out more when it was winter, but it’s the sunshine that makes me want to move it and lose it! The weight, that is. Bad pun?

Over the last few years I’ve been seen the pictures and glanced in full length mirrors at clothing stores, and I’ve been watching myself slip away. I don’t recognize myself anymore. When I weigh myself I get stunned. How did I get here? How did I allow this to happen? View Post


5 Fabulous Ways to Be Happy Right Now

Are you looking for a way to increase your happiness right now? We all have our moments when we struggle with positivity and feel overwhelmed with our lives, and although it may seem difficult we can snap out of it! Here’s a little bit of tough love, ready for it?

We are responsible for our own happiness. Shit happens, life is tough, and yet we must continue – and why not do it with a smile on your face? Here are 5 fabulous ways to be happy right now! View Post


I wanted the summer of literally nothing.

I wanted this summer to be the summer of literally nothing. I really, really did. The last few years have kicked my butt with activities, camps, and different sports – along with travel, work, and having a life of my own! So this summer I planned nothing… or so I thought.

I realized that the kids have mountain bike camp twice a week all summer long, plus they go to the trampoline centre a couple of times per week. We just completed our road trip, we have Crankworx coming up, we’re planning another trip at the end of summer… and when I actually laid it all out on a calendar I had a silent scream moment. View Post


Creating a Cozy Bedroom

Do you know what I love? The comfort of a big, comfy bed. It’s like a sanctuary, a place of respite, somewhere you can rest, nap, sleep, dream, and play on your phone…! To create a cozy bedroom, it takes a few key pieces – a fluffy duvet, a nice rug under your toes, big pillows you can prop yourself up with or sleep comfy on, mood lighting with candles and lamps, and some things that you love like books, snow globes, plants, or art!

To create a cozy bedroom the first step is to remove everything. If that seems like a daunting task, remove everything but furniture pieces that have to stay (bed, dresser, etc), and be sure to align those furniture pieces in a way that feels good. Trust me, taking everything out of the room is the best way to do this.

Next, only bring back the things that either have to be there (clothing in the dresser, for instance) or bring you comfort and joy. Oh yes, I’m going konmari on you. But to be honest, you can’t make a master bedroom cozy or comfy if it’s full of clutter and junk. Remove all the junk, and then continue! View Post